Jacob – Birth to two months!

Me – About 10 hours before my water broke. Altho Jake was not born for another 27 hours after my water broke.

Newborn Jacob. About 5 minutes old here

Big brother Lewis came to see his baby brother Jake – 12 hours old

Just come home from the hospital

5 days old, still a bit red and swollen in the face!

14 days. Picture taken by my sister who came to see us.

16 days. Also taken by my sister. (one of my fav. pics.)

Jacob about 5 weeks old. I just put him there for a sec but he continued to sit, haha

Jake in his new doughnut with a jungle gym!

6 weeks – Sleeping in his doughnut during our september heatwave

Flashing his charming smile at me at 7 weeks old

Taken today, 8 weeks + 3 days. Molly watching over Jake while he quite happily lies there nudging her with his feet.


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