Jacob Varg

My little man will be 2 months in just a few days! I cant believe how quick it has gone since I gave birth to him. I have noticed such huge steps in his development lately. Last week he moved from his moses basket into his cot and he really love his cot-mobile that hangs over his cot and plays music for him. And when it stops he will lie there talking to it, looking at the orange and green animals. It is soo adorable.He is also now a full-time smiler. He will smile at anyone with a  friendly face who smiles at him.

Me and my husband (from now on refered to as Lister) had no idea what to call him when we found out he was a boy. We both kind of wanted a girl seeing as we already had a boy from before, which is why I choose to find out what sex it would be. It took be about a week to get over that Jake was a boy and ever since it was fine. I wanted to “grief” before he was born, if it was a boy rather than resent him for it when he came out of me, it sounds harsh, but now I wouldnt want it any other way of course. Anyway, we were going to call the possible girl Alice so when he turned out to be a little man we had to scratch our heads, ALOT! I liked alot of weird names but Lister wanted something that couldnt be turned into a nasty nickname in school, which is totally understandable. It wasnt until we were lying in bed reading that List said that he quite liked the name Jake. And I agreed. But then I said, lets go one better and call him Jacob. Since Jake is just the short name for Jacob anyway. Lister was a bit suspicious that I picked Jacob because of Twilight, and I must admit, I sympathise with the character. He is one of my fav characters of Twilight. But that wasnt why I suggested it, I just like the name alot. If it is because of Twilight, or not, I’m not sure. Lister eventually agreed, knowing he could call him Jake as much as he liked. So it ended up being Jacob on paper and Jake as nickname. Sorted!

I wanted him to have a norwegian middle name, seeing as I am norwegian and very proud of it. I suggested quite a few, but we ended up on Varg. Varg means wolf in norwegian, but it is also a boys name. There are two words for wolf in norwegian, ulv and varg. Varg is the old fashioned name for wolf. It originally came from the old norse word vargr. In order to prounounce the name correctly, one has to roll the r like you’d roll the saying “Brrrr”. Wolf is also one of my favourite animals so I found it fitting. It was only later that I found out that one of my older brothers had named his son Bjørn, which is also a common norwegain name, meaning Bear. So it will be the two cousins wolf and bear, haha. Also someone pointed out not long ago that the Twilight Jacob kinds is a wolf. I smacked my forehead for that one, haha! I couldnt believe I didnt see that one. Now no-one will believe that I didnt name him after Jacob Black! Oh well.


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