Shopping and Halloween!

Today me and Jacob had the baby club, like we do every thursday from 10-11:30. It’s nice to go, meet other mothers and other babies. All we do really is just sit around on the floor with loads of pillows and blankets and talk. Meanwhile the babies lie around doing their baby stuff. And almost every week there is a new face. The baby club is well really called the post-natal support group. There are babies from newborn up to 8 months. (Personly I think when they pass the 6 months mark they are getting a bit old for the group, there is plenty of other groups to go to too.)

Anyway, after that me and Jake met up with Beth. I had to run an errend and Beth had to buy a b-day pressie for her little brother, so we went to Aldershot. In the end I couldn’t so my errand, which was at the bank btw. That annoyied me a little bit. But nothing shopping can’t take care of. So we went into Peacocks and there I found the most adorable halloween outfit! Which really, was just perfect! The other girls at the baby club said today, that we should all dress the babes up the thursday before halloween in costumes.  I thought, crap, the outfit I already got for Jake is too big. It came with the bags of second hand baby clothes we bought from this posh couple before Jake was born. It really is an awesome skeleton outfit, only problem with it is that its 3-6 months. And it really is to big. So big we can’t even fake it.

Skeleton outfit, 3-6 months

But I was really pleased when I found this other outfit in Peacocks. I picked it up in 0-3 months, seeing as he’ll be 11 weeks exactly. However, it’s up to 12lbs (approx 6kg) and Jacob is already 11lbs 11oz. Hopefully he won’t outgrow it, but if it so happens that he does, I’ll just keep the tags on so I can exchange it for a larger one.



I liked the price too.($ 8.64 U.S /55 kr)

It might not be a pumpkin or a ghost like some of the others got, but he’ll be the only one who has a spider on his bum!


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