What’s in my changing bag?

I’ve always been a huge fan of youtube.com, I can spent hours just watching vids. And during my almost 6 years of youtube’ing I’ve seen alot of people posting vid’s like; “what’s in my purse/handbag/make-up bag” and so on. Now, I find them quite interesting, tells alot about a person seeing what’s is in their bags. You know they say, never look in a womans handbag.

Well so I thought I’d do one, but with a twist. Seeing as I like writing more about things that revolve around Jake more than myself I have now done a “What’s in my changing bag”

My changing bag /w mat from Boots. I got it free off one of their vouchers “Buy two packs of pampers newborn nappies and get this changing bag for free”. Having the Boots advantage card has it’s perks : )

Now, most important first. You MUST have wet wipes and a whole stack of nappies. I never let my supply of nap-naps get below 5.

To save space I have all my free samples of nappy rash/baby butt cream in my changing bag. Personal preferance of these is the Sudocream, because it’s smells very nice. The Bepanthen is best if baby’s butt has a very agrressive rash!

Then in the sidepockets of the changingbag I got some more free samples. The purple cream is Lansinoh, a nipple cream actually. AWESOME when you first starts to breasfeed (altho the 250ml tube is £10, but it was well worth it) Now the good thing about that cream is that when you dont need it for your breastickles anymore, it makes a really awesome lipbalm. It’s works wonders for all chapped skin. Then I got a free sample of baby butter and a tub of Rosebud Salve. The Rosebud is also good for baby butts and chapped skin.

Sorry, but as a breastfeeding mother you NEED extra breastpads with you everywhere. Imagine suddenly having a wet spot on your top. Na-a. So, here I got some of Wilkinsons own brand (top) and Tommee Tippee (right). Of all the breastpads I’ve ever used, the Tommee Tippee ones are by far the best. But they are £5 pr. box with 50 pads (25 pairs). Unlike the Wilkinsons which are £1.80 for 30 pads (15 pairs). Then I got a pack of Kleenex, I mean it always comes in handy sometimes. ESPECIALLY  with kids.

Then I got some dummy’s or soothers if you like, kept in a sterilised case. Jake is not a dummy-baby, but they are handy to have if we’re out in public or driving in the car and he kicks off. These are Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature ones. Expencive (compared), but designed to feel like the nipple ; )

Then we got a MUST HAVE. A muslin square. Good for anything from winding/burping to provinding comfort for your baby. This one is from Mothercare and they are really nice and soft.

Atleast 2 bibs at any time. Babies DO make a mess when feeding, either off the bottle or breast. Can also be used for winding when one dont have a muslin square.

Atleast 5 baby vests/bodys at any time. And atleast 1 long sleeved one. Believe me, babies (specially Jacob) can go through 3-6 in a day.

2 sleepsuits. They provide both comfort and space to wiggle about for your baby.

2 outfits. You don’t want to change from a nice outfit into a sleepsuit when you’re somewhere where you want your baby to look cute. And you WILL have to change your baby at some point. Either because of puke, pee or poo. Its just the way it is.

A jumper. Just in case.

Last, but not least; two pairs of socks and a pair of mittens. The Next Baby (right) are awesome socks. Jake can rock on as much as he likes and the socks stays on!

That’s it! Thats all that I currently have in my changingbag. I like to think I’m prepared for any kind of “emergency” with all of this. Hope you enjoyed : )


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