Kimu! Our newest addition!

I have always been a cat person. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really an animal person. All through my life I’ve had dogs, cats, horses, birds, mice, degus, gerbils and so on. Half the time all of them in one go, haha. But I have always loved cats. When I left Norway I had a gorgeous 20 year old Norwegian Forest cat which I really miss. He’s a wonderful cat, altho very independent. He does not at all like moving, he spent about 2 years “running” back to my fathers house when my parents split up until one day dad said to just let him stay with him.

Anyway, I always love having cats around me and I was truly sad when I could not take Pusling (norwegain cat) with me. However yesterday I went to see one of our neighbours, we were planning to go trick or treating on Halloween with the boys and I noticed that she had gotten a little kitten. Its was so adorable. Very impressive tabby markings on him. Obviously I complimented her on him, but then she told me with a heavy heart that she might be getting rid of him, as in selling him. Why, I asked. Her one year old son wouldnt leave the littertray alone and she lives in an upstairs flat it would just be too hard to keep him as an indoor cat. Dont get me wrong, she loved him to pieces, but it was just not for her right now.

As a joke I said we’d have it if she decided to give him up, I’d really missed my own cat. She said sure she’d let me know but I didnt really think she would get back to me. But about 3 hours later she sent me a text saying she’d thought about it and said he was ours if we wanted him. Then atleast she knew he would go to a good home and not to someone who’d just sell him again.  I ofcourse had to consult with the husband, but he didnt seem opposed to it. So after a little talk and putting down some ground rules like cat proofing the baby cot, teaching him to stay away from Jacob and also that the cat, just like molly, get put in their own bed and stay there till we come home.

Also Kimu is give or take exactly as old as Jacob. They are both 9 weeks : )

And there we go, our newest addition to our furry family – Kimu!

Kimu on my lap

Kimu has “black lipstick” on his bottom lip! So cute!

He was named after one of the Shaiya bosses, Kimuraku, seeing as me and my husband met on shaiya years go, we found it fitting. Altho I must say our Kimu is alot cuter and better looking than the shaiya boss, haha!


4 responses to “Kimu! Our newest addition!

  1. Congrats!
    I liked the way you decided to take the kitten so easily. It seems like having animals around is indeed very natural for you.
    I wish I’d be able to do this one day – just see a kitten, like it and get it.

    You are right, he is gorgeous! And he looks smiling in all the pictures.

    • Thank you! He is so friendly and loving already. Littertrained, good with dogs, everything. My husband needed a bit of convincing, but I think Kimu melted his heart last night by laying on his lap and falling asleep. Indeed I love animals – they are not our whole life, but they make our life whole : )

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