Nature babycare nappies review

While I was pregnant with Jacob, I was offered all sorts of free baby product samples. So I have decided, because I think its fun and that it can be helpful, that I will start reviewing products.

This review is for Nature Babycare eco nappies, like the headline says.

I got sent two nappies from Nature Babycare in this pack. One I’ve already used on Jacob.

On the front of the pack it says

  • Award winning high performance ECO nappoes
  • No harsh chemicals on your baby’s skin
  • Based on renewable and biodegradable materials
  • Chlorine free
  • Corn based

Likes about product:

I like that it is all ECO friendly, that they are trying to aid the environmental causes. Also that they state that their nappies dont have any harsh chemicals that could hurt my child.

I like that they are swedish (half my family is)

I like that they are designed by a mother, she obviously knows what shes talking about and has tried to make the product fit her needs

The design. Nice and simple

The price, it the same price as the big brands like Pampers and Huggies.

Don’t likes about product:

I don’t like the shape of the nappy. It doesn not “hug” my baby’s bum the way other nappies (huggies,pampers) does, so I’m afraid it does not provide the same protection. Which is very high on the list for me.

It seemed quite tight around the waist but loose around the legs. (and thats where most of the leaks occur for me). Basicly I dont think it is very well fitted for each individual bottom.

I don’t like that they didnt sent any information leaflet with the two nappies, I had to guess what size they were and go online to find out where to buy them and what price they are.

ECO Nappy(left) and Huggies Nappy(right) same size.

Using the product:

When I put the product on Jacob, I struggeled a bit with fitting it. It wasnt as easy as the ones I normally use. I was also a bit worried what kind of protection it would give and for how long. It’s not the sort of nappy I would put him to bed with, just in case it leaks or bursts. However, the product is nice and soft and Jake was just as happy with this nappy as any other nappy. Rating this product I would give it a 6/10. Its a bit more awkward to get ahold of, I’m not very keen on the fit, but it is an affordable product and I like the fact that its all ECO : )

Link to their website: They have alot of other nice Baby ECO products as well!


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