Mobile pictures!

I always carry my phone on me and every now and then I get really tempted to take a picture of Jake. And sometimes they come out really good and I manage to snap them just right (I would never have had time to run and get the proper camera). Enjoy : )

Jacob around 1 week old

Snooze on mummy

Snoozing on a pillow

Snoozing in mums arms

Sleeping on my chest in bed while I read my book

All this baby every seems to do is sleep : )

Oh look, asleep, what a surprise.

Me and Jake in bed : )

Out and about in the buggy!

I was cuddling his head, then he turned his head and started munching on me!

Jacob on dads lap in the bank!

My! blanket! (I love the way he curled it into a ball)

Snuggle in the buggy!

Trying to smile with the dummy

Today snuggled in the blanket. Will have to start wearing his wintersuit soon, getting relly cold in the mornings.


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