Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned

Well, not really that bad. But almost. For about 2 months now I have been walking alot with the buggy, as you do when one dont have a car. The thing is, I used to get annoyed with bitchy mothers and their pushchairs. Always just pushing it into the back of your heels and wandering in any direction expecting they have the right-of-way. Now, I’m not like that, but I have somewhat more understanding for pushchairs mothers in general. It is quite hard to maneuver around everything, especially when the wheels lock up, take every single person into consideration and look around corners. It’s simply not possible, so if you dont watch where you’re walking you will at some point get run into, not because I want to, but because sometimes I simply cant avoid you or I didnt see you. AND it is easier for you to move than me. Its a bit like driving. Cycles moves for cars, cars move for vans, vans move for lorries(trucks).

Anyway, the whole point of this little rant, which I know it will turn into, is because of you IDIOT car drivers! Yes, I agree, pushchair moves for car, but if you’re on my territory… Its not every day, but atleast once a week I find a cheeky, lazy or just incompetent twat that should have his licence taken away. Most of the time it’s someone parking halfway on top of the crossing *DING* thats a £60 fine and 3 points on your licence. And I know, because I am currently reading the High Way Code, so I’ve become very rule-anal lately. It is very annoying when you park on the crossing, the only place its actually safe to cross the road. And believe me, with a buggy with a baby in it you take NO chances. Its your most prices possession in there, you’d give both your arms and legs to keep it safe.

Another thing that really winds me up is when they park infront of a lowered/dropped curb.  For someone who walks its easy just to step down from the curb, but with a buggy or wheelchair its not that simple. I go out of my way to find a lowered curb when I cross a road even if it means walking another 20 meters. Then it really pisses me off when some *censored word* has parked infront of it! Especially if its the only one around! *DING* thats another £120 fine.

But what really really gets me going is when they park ON the curb. And not just a wheel accidently on it, no half or the whole frekking car on it! And today it was TWO of you! Just because some numpty has already done it, doesnt make it right for you to do it too!! The first one, poor thing, doesnt actually know any better, I mean he works for Radian. (Where people flourish -Yeah right, more like; Where people wither) But then a guy with a toyota hilux had parked right behind him. This was on the right side curb on one of the busiest roads in Bordon! It doesnt help that there is a bloody great big holly hedge there to make the path even smaller. Now it does not state in the High Way Code that you’re not allowed to park on the curb, altho there is a £500 fine to drive on the curb. But 1; you’re doing it on one of the busiest roads, thats bound to cause hindrance for the traffic. 2; twenty meters down the road, there is a great big dirtpath you’re allowed to park on, which by the way, I noticed there were open spots. 3; you make all “walking” traffic like pedestrians, wheelchairs and people with buggies to walk into the road to get around your car!

Its the second time in the same place, which is literally just down the road, this has happened. Both times I was determined to just keep on walking, scratching the car(s) or not. I didnt however, I caught myself and decided to behave. Next time I WILL push past your car and WILL INTENTIONALLY scratch it! I will also take a picture of your car with the licence plate and send it in to whoever that will fine you! It can be justified to park on the curb, but not the way you do it! I DONT like taking my baby onto the busy road where people drive like pigs just to get around your car! Hell hath no fury like a mother scored, didnt anyone tell you that?

To all you car drives, just spent two seconds thinking when you park – Do I obstruct someone here? I understand it might be hard to find a spot but think about a poor fellow in a wheelchair trying to get across the road. I can manage to walk around, but they cant! Its called consideration, people.


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