Thank you Bounty!

I was really surprised, but pleasently surprised when Bounty sent me a mail about 3 weeks ago saying I had forgotten to recieve my Newborn baby pack at the hospital. To be totally honest with you I dont remember. It wasnt the most important thing for me at the hospital to make sure I got my Bounty pack. So of course I accepted their offer to send me one with the mail and on friday it came.

For those who dont know what the Bounty packs are a set of 5 packs that you will be given through out your pregnancy. The first one you’ll be given by your midwife when you first go and see her. Second and third you’ll be sent a voucher for. They look something like this;

This is for the 5th (and last) one

The packs contain all sorts of useful and not so useful information and things. Most of it is advertisement for different brands that does baby and children items. In this pack, nr 4 I got;

Small pack of Pampers Sensitive wet wipes, 1 newborn nappy and a leaflet.

2 packs of two Fairy tables. Leaflet with a voucher inside.

A tiny pot of Sudocream nappy rash cream and 2 leaflets.

Aquafresh Milkteeth toothpast and vouchers for first toothbrush and toothpaste

Booklets and leaflets, amongs them the famous Bounty magazine.

The 5th pack is the largest one of the lot, quite looking forward to picking that one up : )

The Bounty packs arent fantastik, but hey, everyone likes a few freebies!


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