Jacob 11 weeks!

Time has flow by so incredibly quick, its already been 11 weeks since I gave birth to my wondeful little son Jacob. On thursday he was weighed and is now 12lbs 12oz (5.8 kg) And I can tell he’s getting bigger and heavier. Most of his 0-3 months clothes dont fit anymore and its just my luck that the 3-6 is still a little to big. I’m a bit gutted that all his nice outfits are now too small and I’m left with the more plains ones.

He due for his 2nd immunisations already, which is booked in for th 15th. I dont look forward to it, the 1st ones were horrid. The needle was like an inch long and I swear they were going for bone ramming the needle in his leg. And the heartbreaking cry. *shivers*

On a more pleasent notice, me and Jake is starting our baby swimming on thursday : ) Its 6 classes running every thursday. I kind of swallowed my tounge when I saw the price (which I originally had thought were free, they are very eager to get you to sign up for it, but never mention anything about you acually having to pay something.) Its £21 pounds for the whole course. Its wasnt until I did some math and found out its only £3.50 a go, which really isnt so bad. But that meant I had to choose between baby sensory and swimming, seeing as the sensory is £24. Oh well, not really a hard choice. If the swimming is good and Jacob likes it, I’ll sign us up for next terms session as well.

My little 11 hour baba

Now not so little anymore – 11 weeks

He was a little cheerful soul this morning ❤


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