All hallows eve!

For several weeks now I’ve had most of halloween planned out. We were going to make halloween cookies on the saturday 29th so Lewis could serve them to nanny and grandad on the 30th. Then on halloween we were going to go trick and treating with our neibour and her two sons. Jake was going to wear his little pumpkin suit and Lewis be a grim reaper. But Lewis’s mother wanted him from wednesday to saturday so the cookies never happened : (

Then, yesterday morning the weather was really pissy so I did prepare him for that if it was pouring down with rain when the trick or treating started we’d stay in and have fun instead. But it wasnt the weather that basicly messed up the evening. It was everything else. First, my neighbour sent me a text saying her little one was in the hospital (He’ll be ok they said). Then around noon I started having some really painful stomach cramps. Like my intestines were knotting themselfs. I had something to drink, didnt help. I had something to eat, didnt help. I had about an hour sleep, didnt help. So when I had to go pick Lewis up from school I walked twice as slow as normal, it was really painful and constant pain as well. It never let go. I really hoped it would pass, if it didnt I wouldnt be able to go trick or treating with Lewis. The plan was to go up and see my friend Jenny and her neighbourhood, they all decorate their houses and really do Halloween properly, but it is about 10 minute walk up there, and I really didnt fancy that with my stomach cramps.

So when Lister came home at 5, Lewis was all dressed up and really hopeful. I had let him know that I was in pain and I was trying to tell him in a way he wouldnt get to upset that I couldnt go. It hurt me so much to disappoint him. I’d been saying for weeks we’d have so much fun, and I really wanted to go as well. What “hurt” me the most is that Lewis’s birthmother has been disappointing him all his life. Been giving loads of empty promises and never fulfilling them. As a mum, you absolutely hate seing the disappointment on your childs face, and I was really gutted. Then Lister suddenly said “Cmon, get your shoes on, we’re going”  I mean, List hates Halloween! And he’d been saying all along that he was not going. I felt so sorry for him, I felt I had pushed him to go. But it cheered Lewis up, which is the only reason I think he did it.

So while the boys were away, I hunted out a really simple cupcake recipe and all the ingredients for it. I felt I had to make it up to Lewis somehow. Lewis absolutely adores baking and cooking, so I could let him do all the work while I just supervised. That way I wouldnt stress my stomach pain and Lewis still have some fun.

When they came back from trick or treating Lewis has got quite a good haul. List said that it wasnt that bad, that everyone up there really did do Halloween properly.

Apparently someone had put alot of packets of sweets in a huge bowl of jelly. So the kids had to fish the sweets out of a bowl of “goo”. I thought that was a fun idea : )

Lewis did like the idea of doing some cupcakes. Here he’s making a reaper face.

Beware or he’ll come and collect your soul

Measuring out 8oz of butter

Then 8oz of sugar

Cracking 4 eggs – which only one of them he got some shell in.

Then on with 4 tablespoons of milk

I suggested we could make proper halloween ones, so we added red foodcolouring to make them “bloody” He loved that idea and wanted more and more colour. I did tell him that the more colour you put in, the more it would taste like beetroot and not like cupcakes, haha. Seeing as the natural foodcolouring is beetroot red. But he said he didnt mind and it was his cupcakes. I bought the colour for him anyway.

We took and saved some of the white batter and mixed it with the red one in the cupcakes. That way they will be swirly and funky : )

However, we recon amongt one of the cupcakes there is a murderer. Six cupcakes was brutally slaughtered!

Lewis got fed up with the cupcakes after the first tray so we made a cake with the rest. He let me decorate it with a web and a spider : )

Lister wanted to decorate one too, so he did Scream. I love this one

The marble inside wasnt as good as I hoped it would come out, but Lewis was happy and thats really all that mattered.

The pain subsided later at night, but right before we went to bed I had a glass of milk, and suddenly all the pain was back. So I recon it was the milk that did it. Thinking about it I had had milk all the way through the day. Really hope its not an intolerance i’ve developed, I’m going to be testing it out over the next few days. I had a little bit of milk in my coffee this morning and that has worked out fine so far.

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