Our little zoo

I know most of you know that we got quite a few animals. 8 degu’s, 2 mice, 1 gerbil, 1 dog and a cat. Over all 13 pets. But for a while now Lister have wanted some fish and on saturday we went and got some. We got a small 60 litre tank, we really dont have room for any bigger. If you count all the life-forms in our tank as well, our number of pets reaches 21. See now why I think we got our own little personal zoo going on here? So I thought, why not do a little feature on all of them.

Our oldest member

This is our 5 year old gerbil, Werbal. (Named by Lister and Lewis)

Favourite place: In his ball of fluff inside his cage.

Favourite activity: Eating and chewing toiletrolls

The three-legged one

This is our staffie cross collie, 3 legged dog, Molly. The story of Molly is when she was about 6 months of age her previous owner(s) threw her into a river and shattered her right back leg. Then (as far as we know) they didnt want to pay the vet’s to repair it, it was cheaper just to chop it off. After that they decided that they just wanted to keep their other dog, a pure bred staffie and not Molly. So when Molly was about a year and a half old she met Lister through a nice old lady who was trying to find Molly a new home. They bonded right away and now shes part of our crazy zoo! Molly is now about four years of age as far as we know.

But just because she is missing a leg, doesnt mean that she cant get around. She loves running and keeps well up with the two cocker spaniels that my parents in-law has.

Favourite place: In our bed and any warm, comfortable place.

Favourite activity: Playing with tennis balls, chasing pigeons, sunbathing, going for walks and in general all running.

The rodents

We have 8 degu’s. These two are Stripes and Sasha. Degu’s are native to Chile and are also diurnal which means they keep the same sleeping patterns as humans. They are very intelligent and affectionate from a young age if handled alot. However their dietary needs are very specific so I would not recommended them as a first time pet.

Stripes (left) and Neytiri (right). We have 8 females (males only recommended if you can up up with certain male habits). We keep ours in two packs. We refer to them as “the old” and “the new” ones. “The old” ones were our first goos. That pack consists of; Sasha (pack-leader), Stripes (2nd in command), Xena (the push-over) and Neytiri (the damaged one). Neytiri is a bit special, she seems to be slightly retarded. But of the lot she is the most friendly and affectionate. However she’s the only one who will wake up and start squeeking because of a bad dream. Mighty cute tho.

“The new” ones were a pack we adopted from pets at home. This pack dont have distinct leaders as far as we have been able to tell. “The new” ones are; Lilith, Sunshine, Whitey and Sainy.  All our degus are about 5 months old.

Favourite place: In the wheel and in the sandbox

Favourite activity: Running in the wheel (degus have a huge need for exercise and will run immense distances every day in the wheel)

The mice

They are unfortunately very hard to photograph and even harder to get a good photo of. However we got two little mice girls, Freya-mouse and Micie (nicknamed vibrator-mouse since she vibrates massively when shes on your hand). We used to have three, but we recently lost one. Due to the mice being fancy mice they get overbred and inbred which is one of the reasons we think she died, poor little one. They are around two months old.

Our newest addition

This is Kimu! Our 11 week old male kitten. He is a most affectionate litte cat and so very greatful for his cat toys. We have decided to keep him as a housecat. The area we live in isnt particularly cat friendly, besides there is like 15-20 cats on our street alone already.

Here is a good example of the stubborness of Kimi. I informed him several times that he should move cause I was going to put Jacob back in his seat, but no. So in the end I just placed the Jake onto of Kimu, I dont think the cat believed I was going to actually up Jake ontop of him, until I really did so.

Our aquatics

We decided to go with coldwater fish (which is really a bit of a misnomer. Coldwater fish is fish that prefers water below 8 degrees and below). So as most fish-people know, there arent very many different and interesting types of coldwater fish. Lister in the end picked 6 glowlight danio’s

Rather than being grey with spots or stripes, like “normal” Danio’s, these got a orange like stripe and glows on the dark.

I picked a catfish, named Sucky.

And last, but not least, we also got an apple snail. They are magnificent little things. Moves about 4 times the speed of normal-landsnails, and can grow upto 5 cm diameter.

I have named him/her – Apple

Favourite place: The danio’s prefer to hang around either above or underneath the waterfilter where there is the least amount of current. As for Sucky, he quite like sitting ON the filter or on the leaf of a plant. And Apple is really just all over the tank.

Favourite activity: For Sucky and Apple its the obvious; sucking algae where ever it can be found. And for the danio’s its mainly “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming swimming swimming. What do we do we swim, swim, swim, OH HO HO How I love to swim. When you WAAAAAANNTTT to swim you want to swim”

(click on the images to get fullsize)


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