Just keep swimming!

Yesterday me and Jacob had our first session of the baby swimming. I’ve been looking forward to this since I learned about the class. I want Jake to grow up like me, loving the water and be able to swim from an early age. When I was a kid I even used to think if I stayed underwater long enough, I’d eventually be able to breathe underwater, haha.

The class was held in a smaller pool with 5 other mothers and babies, 3 of which is from my baby club. It was all kept light and fun seeing as it was most of the babies first time is water (besides baths). It was some exercises to teach them to kick their legs under the water and some to get them used to having water around their ears. One was to slowly lower the babies head into the water so the water totally covered their ears.

Jacob as fairly natural. When I first lowered him in the water he started kicking his legs. He wasnt overly sure on the laying-with-his-head-on-my-chest-and-his-legs-in-my-arms exercise, but after one little cry it was fine.

He was the only “naked” baby there. He was of course wearing a swimming nappy, but otherwise he was naked. All the other kids wore either a wetsuit or a swimming suit. To be totally honest with you I didnt think he would need it, I had a look in Mothercare and decided I did not want to pay £30 for one. But last night we ordered one online anyway, for about £10 I think (including shipping). Because about halfway through the class I noticed that Jake’s lip was quivering, I think he got a bit cold. The water is supposed to be 32 degrees, which I dont think it was far off, but it felt slightly cooler. As an adult I doubt you would have given it a second thought. So what I did was, everytime the instructor was talking I lifted Jake out of the water and held him very close and tight to my body so he could warm up on my bodyheat. I decided if his lip kept shivering I’d take him out of there, I kept a close eye on it. But I think my plan worked because he was smiling at me and I didnt see it shiver again. But I’m glad we ordered the wetsuit anyway. I dont want him to get to cold in the water. We still have 5 more sessions to go.

We ordered the blue one. It gives them a slight advantage in the water and gives that little extra layer to keep warm in. Babies tend to get cold very easily.

I’ve also decided I want to have a look at how much it is for me and Jake to go swimming on a daily basis. I had a look online and it said that children under 8 are free. So maybe I only have to pay for me. Its £3.80 a go. I’m also going to call them up and ask if there is like a swimming membership rather than the whole gym membership. Me and List have looked into getting a family gym membership, so we can go and have a workout and go swimming. Appearently the leisure centre near where Lister works has a baby creche, from 6 weeks to 5 years old. That would be good if I were to go up there, have a workout and then take Jake swimming. All 4 of us could go swimming on the weekends as well.

Oh and the baby swimming isnt all play and fun, haha. My legs were jelly when I walked out of the water. In the small pool the water reaches just below the bellybutton and crouching around in the water with all your muscles tensed, full focus on the baby for about 30 minutes – let me just tell you, you feel it. But in a good way. I thought Jake was so cute, after the class we got dressed and I put him in the buggy. About 2 minutes after we left the centre he was fast asleep. And kept sleeping till it was time to go pick Lewis up from school. So if your baby has problems sleeping, take them swimming!


One response to “Just keep swimming!

  1. Babies do tend to get cold in the water before older children or adults. For this reason, we keep our pool around 88-90 degrees. We have quite a bit of information on teaching babies to swim @adventureswim.com.

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