Think you got it bad?

Do you think that your partner is a horder? What I’m going to show you next might get you to reconsider. Welcome to the crazy world of Lister and Friva’s hording. I mean, we don’t horde ridiculous stuff, like rubbish and old cables. Well, Lister hordes cables.

Anyway what I’m trying to get to here without taking the piss out of my husband is, that when we realised we were going to have Jake, we kinda started buying sertain things. You know, things you know you’ll use alot of. Like nappies and…wetwipes.

Actually for every “event” that Tesco and Sainsbury did, we bought some wipes. And when they are doing the “buy 1 get 2 free” they tend to stack up. Depending on how much of a mucky puppy Jacob is, I use about two packs of wetwipes over a month. Sometimes its 10 wipes in one change and sometimes 2 wipes in a whole day. You get the picture, it varies.

I was tidying and washing out the kitchen cupboard earlier today and I realised we might not have to buy any wetwipes for about a year. So I put them all together.. and the amount was quite overwhelming.

  One box contains 10 packs. We got 8 boxes of 10 packs + the Aloe Vera ones infront.


I spose if you look at it this way, there are 97 packs of Huggies Wetwipes there. Each pack, if you were to buy it at Tesco is £2.59. So 2.59 x 97 = 251.23. So had we bought them full price we would have payed £251 for them. However seeing as we bought them in the “buy 1 get 2 free” we only payed for 1/3 of them. Which brings the price down to roughly £83. Which is suddenly less than £1 a pack. Now if thats not a good deal, I wouldt know when to spot one.

Still think hording is bad?

It takes your space, but saves you money!


4 responses to “Think you got it bad?

  1. Wow that is an impressive amount of cereal! My 9 yr old would flip! haha! He loves cereal.
    I think its a bit of a shame that the UK arent as coupon hot as america is. I try to hunt out most of the vouchers and coupons but its nowhere near as good as the US haha!

  2. They do, but they are rare to find. My husband just said I might have more luck looking online for some. But its not the same sort of culture over here for coupons :/

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