It might not be like you, but I work too.

It is not the kind of job that you do. You think: She’s at home all day, what a relaxed life. Truth: Want to come over one day and see how relaxed it really is? For all of you who thinks being a stay-at-home-mum is relaxing and free to to whatever you want, well you are sorely mistaken.

YES, we probably have more freedom to do “what we want” than you do at work. We can have lunch whenever we want, have a cup of tea whenever we want. But that dont necessary mean I actually get to eat my lunch or drink my tea when intended.

A regular day for me starts between 5. am and 7. am. Jacob always wakes up in that period of time, wanting food.

Then from 7 am I need to make sure Lewis gets dresses, makes his food, got whatever he needs for school, has breakfast and so on. Jake also want attention when I do this.

Then at 8.30 its time to take Lewis to school

Back at 9.00

Then depending on when Jake was fed earlier he wants more food within the next hour. Each feed is usually from 20 min to 40 min.

So either before or after he gets fed I usually have some tea/coffee and some breakfast. When I do eat I spend some time on the computer, doing blogs ect.

So usually around noon I start my house chores, if Jacob lets me.  That involves making sure all the animals are fed and got clean bedding. Hoover around the degu’s (has to be done every day) Sort the kitchen out. Do a couple of washes and fold whatever is dry. Pick up stuff after Lewis and Lister. There is plenty to go around for me. I usually do that until about 2pm – 2.30pm. Then I have to feed Jake again before I got to pick Lewis up, usually at (unless he’s got an afterschool club, then its I do try to get to have some lunch around 1pm but sometimes I just totally forget or dont have time.

Back at 3.35 ish. Then I make sure Lewis gets dressed and I sit down a little bit at the computer again.

Around 4 pm I either start dinner or look for something to make for dinner. While I do that, if I didnt get to the kitchen earlier, I do that then. While I hope Jake is nice and quiet. Sometimes he sleeps.

Then Lister comes home at

Dinner is usually served between then and Jake usually wants feed between then and as well.

After that I either spent time in the kitchen doing the dishes or with Lister on the computer. I know if I choose the computer I got more to do tomorrow. However, most of the time I do choose to spent time with List.

Then at 7.30 I feed Jacob and put him to bed between and 8.15. Lewis gets sent to bed between 8 and 8.30.

So you see, MY day at “work” is usually between 12-15 hours a day. Do you envy me being home now? Oh, I also forgot to mention:

I also have to run to the shop, to make sure we got gas and electic (we got the old fashioned meters, where you got an electric key and a gas card). Have to make sure the boys have fresh bread for their lunches and all the little bits and pieces that you dont notice if they get done.

Ontop of that I also have to be a mother. Teach responsibility, manners, right from wrong, love them and all that. I’m not saying that I dont like it, on the contrary, I love it. But I do all the invisible things that only becomes visable if I dont do it. And then it gets frowned up. “Like you dont have all the time in the world.” You’re right, I probably do. I got 24/7 – 365, just like you. But I never have holidays or weekends. Being a mother is a 24/7 -365 day job, for the rest of your life.

Do not frown upon fulltime mothers. Remember, child, that we raised you. Yes, of course we did so out of love and would never have it any other way, but.. You can quit your job if you want, and get a new one. We cant.


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