I work too, part 2

Yesterday I wrote a post I actually didnt intend to. It started off as intended, but then it just kept on going. My husband said; “That rant felt almost directed at me” Of course it wasnt, it wasnt even a rant. I told him I was so sorry that it had come across like that. It as more directed at people who dont understand, whoever they might be.

So today I’m going to write the post I meant to yesterday.

Yes, I’m a housewife. But I do sertain work-related things too.

For some time now I have been doing Mystery Shopping. For those of you who dont know what this is when a company hire normal customers to become a spy, almost, to keep an eye on the business where the management cannot. I work through RetailEyes. They have loads of people in their arsenal which companies hire.

I have done three “assignments” so far. Two for Domino’s Pizza and one for Subway. On each assignment there is a “fee” and “reimbursement”. The fee is what you earn for the spesific assignment and the reimbursement, well it speaks for it self, is the money you spent that gets returned to you. Most of the assignments have a minimum amount you need to spend. Like for example my last Domino’s Pizza assignment. The fee was £3 and the reimbursement £10. I had to spend a minimum of £10 on either a medium or large pizza. This assignment was to make sure they offer you the Stuffed Crust without you asking for it.

Atm. Domino’s has a colletion deal, buy one get one free. Basicly, if you collect it you get two pizzas for the price of one. So I ordered their best one, Mighty Meaty, which is £13.99 (and the Deluxe as the free one) Then, since its part of the assinment, I have to order it with the Stuffed Crust. When/If they ask I’m not allowed to refuse. And that is another 50 p ontop of the price per pizza.

So friday night I got two pizzas for £3. The other £13 I get back. For each completed assignmet you get 10 points. The more points you have, the better assignments you get.

If this is of any interest to you, have a look at http://www.retaileyes.com

Then I also do something else. I do survey’s online. And I do make money from them.

I dont do just any surveys, I do surveys from trusted companies like Toluna. They are also product testers. Which means in some of the survey’s you are asked if you want to test a product.

So far I have tested a product Walkers crisps are thinking of selling. They sent me a 6 pack of individually wrapped pack. Yum! And also KP’s new spicy chilli jumbo peanuts. They sent me two packs of that.

Each survey gives between 1,500 to 6000 points. For a sertain amount of points you can cash out different things; £15 gift card from Amazon, £15 Love2shop voucher (love2shop has loads of shops you can spent it in) £15 Halfords voucher, £30 Debenhams voucher, £15 CD Wow voucher, 100 Facebook credit and more.

I’m eyeing the £15 Amazon voucher. For that I need 80.000 points. I’ve been doing Toluna for about 2 weeks now and have 18,500 points.

But of course you have to do quite a few surveys. If this of any interest to you go see http://www.toluna.com

I do a little bit of these everyday. Its not much, but it amuses me and I get something for it in the end. I’m looking forward to when Retail Eyes ends me out to a clothes store. Getting payed to shop, now that job I can do! : )

Feel free to send me an email if you got any questions about this; frivalicious.blogg@gmail.com


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