New clothes and routines!

Hello everyone, sorry I haven’t posted anything for the past few days. I’ve had a really painful stomachbug so sitting at the computer havent really been my priority. Feeling loads better now though.

While I was ill I sorted out Jacob’s clothes. 90% of all this 0-3 months is now too small forhim, so I’ve washed it all and put it into bags and I also found the cardboard box with his 3-6 months. I thought I’d share with you some of his 3-6 months stuff.

Adidas sweat suit

I dont actually know what these are called, but I think they are ever so cute. Jake had 3 other that are now too small for him

Little monster top

A peek-a-boo top, no doubt intended for Halloween (I think the ghost is glow in the dark)

I’m the little brother top

I think this one is really funny. For those who knows Lister, you know he treasures his pints lol. And this one is brand new as well

Most of Jake’s clothes are 2nd hand, we bought a huge lot from one of List’s work colleagues, so when I do find something new, I’m thrilled. I mean it was all very nicely used, but new is best : ) And as much as I love that we saved a whole fortune on buying the clothes 2nd hand, the clothes arent what I would have bought for him. They have picked very masculine clothes, typical boys boys. Which is nice to have some of, but I personly would have picked some more cute ones. Like little bunnies, winne the pooh, a bit more baby really.

But I get it as I wish, haha, because we have no where near as much 3-6 that we had 0-3. So I can go and pick up some cute bits for him. I’ll probably buy it for him for christmas. : ) Dont get me wrong though, I dont want him to be cute like girl cute, but a bit more like this:

Let them be babies as long as they are babies. What do you think?

Jacob is already growning huge. He hit the 3 month mark the 15th this month and I cant believe it. And just as an experiment I’ve given him 120ml/4 oz of baby formula milk ontop of the breast milk  in the evening for 3 nights in a row now. Jake has been sleeping through the night since he was about 6 weeks old but last week he suddenly stared to wake during the night. We know his teeth are stirring, but he seemed really hungry when he woke up. I would put him to bed at 8 pm and he would wake around 1 am and again at about 5.30. So I thought maybe my milk isnt enough to last him all through the night anymore. I’ve now tried it for 3 nights now and he snoozes through like an angel. What I do is that all day hes given only breast milk and I fill him up as much as I can with breast before bed. Then I make up a 4 oz bottle and top him up with that. He dont usually drink the whole 4 oz, but that seems to satisfy him. I’m still feeding the same amount of breast and its only at bedtime I give him a little bit of formula. It seems to work for him now, so I’m glad. I shouldnt feel bad. But it kind of feels a bit like cheating in a way. I know I’m not. As long as he’s happy, I’m happy.


2 responses to “New clothes and routines!

  1. Very nice outfits. I personally like funny ones and special things, not to baby baby cute, but the one you found looks perfect. Don’t consider giving formula cheating, consider it you have a healthy, growing child who needs energy! I think it’s lovely that he is screaming for more. Can’t you just not wait until you can feed him food from a spoon!? And pieces of bread! Ahhh babies… I want to see you all so badly!

  2. It does feel like cheating. But it seemed to do the trick, so I’m happy! Cant wait till you come and see us, we’ll have so much fun! ❤ By the time you do come over he might be fancing some proper food 🙂

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