Christmas Calender!

I finally recieved my child benefit money today! I’ve been waiting for it since mid August. I was getting worried that I wouldnt have them before christmas, which would mean a poor christmas for us. But they finally came through which means I can start buying some pressies! It’s great, because on Friday I’m joining the girl going to Porthsmouth for a shopping spree!

Since I got the money today I decided to get started on Lewis’s advent/christmas calender! If the money hadn’t come throught he would have had to do with a normal chocolate one, sadly November wasnt very nice to to us financially. I dont think he thinks he is getting one this year and he knows we havent bought a chocolate one either so I know he’s trying to not panic about it. But I’ll manage to keep it a secret till the 1st of December and the surprise him with the home made one!

Funny enough I spent less on it this year than I did last year, not intentional of course, but I think it will be a hit anyway. I’m making one for Lister this year, but not for Jacob. Hes not old enough to understand any of it so there is not much point. Next christmas, yes, then I’ll make one for him too. I’m not going to post what I’m doing for Listers calender yet, seeing as he reads this blog. I’ll make a post about that when I cant spoil the surprise for him.

I went into Lidl and found they had some awesome deals on sweets. The Chew Mix was 99p per bag, the Barratt was £1.49 and I picked up the chocolate coins in Wilkinsons for £1, buy one get one free.

I divided it up into 24 piles…

..and wrapped them! Now I only need to get some string and put them up : ). I’m not sure if I’m getting a pressie for the 25th as well or if I’m doing the stocking as the pressie on the 25th.

What are you doing/getting this christmas for your calender?

On my shopping spree today I also bought Jacob a jaket. He has some nice winter suits, but they are all either to big or to small. 0-3 and 3-6, and hes between sizes atm. Its not really cold enough to pack him in one of them either. So I had a look in Peacocks and they had this adorable fuzzy blue coat for £6 and it was 30% off. I talked myself into buying it, seeing as the child benefit is for the child anyway.

However, my little man was not impressed when I woke him up to put it on. We were gonna go and pick Lewis up from school anyway, so its not like I woke him up just to put it on, hehe.

But he soon realised it was nice and cozy, he fell asleep again about 2 minutes up the road. : )

Whatcha think? cute right!

(click on the images for fullsize)


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