A tribute to Nemi!

I expect that most of you have not heard about Nemi. Well, you might say is my 2nd mother or really awesome, up-to-no-good sister. In a way she has raised me to be the person I am today.

Believe it or not, but she is only a fictional comic character.

Nemi, a mid twenty year old gothic woman who has very strong opinions whens it comes to fur and meat, loves to spent all her money on drinks and night out on the town and has practically slept with near enough half of Oslo (the capital of Norway). Now its not the drinking or sleeping around traits I’ve taken on, but Nemi is not afraid to be herself – ever and I feel she taught me to let go. To not give a f* about what people think about me. My father hated the way I dressed so I was forced to wear all these clothes I hated, I wasnt allowed to wear skirts because he thought they made me look fat. When I found Nemi I realised you have to be allowed to be yourself.  (Besides I found out that my gotichness is genetic. Both my swedish cousins grew up to be “just like” me, when it comes to the dress sence anyway. And I only knew them when we were little, I havent seen them for years, but one day I found them on facebook and I realised – its in our genes to be that way)

So I’m going to try and show you why I love Nemi so much and how much she has influenced my life. She was my light in all my darkness. The blue-haired woman is Nemi’s best friend Cyan.

Cyan: …Hair elfs?

Nemi: Well do you have an explaination to why I wake up looking like this every morning?

Now this one is just WONDEFUL! Dont tell me you havent ever felt like this when a pretty woman has walked past you and your other half.

These next ones I have scanned in from my old Nemi magazines:

This one makes me giggle every time.

Cyan: Have you drawn on all my sheets?

Nemi: They looked so sad!

Nemi: What shall I do first; the dishes or the laundry..

Dishes or laundry, dishes or laundry..

…or the pub.

Nemi: I dont think he likes me very much…

Cyan: Oh c’mon! Just relax and be your self!

Nemi: BUURRP!!!

Nemi: Nah, I dont think that helped either.

Cyan: I’m so bored.. cant you do something?

Nemi: Helium!

Nemi: The teletubbies are EVIL! Death to the teletubbies! Helium to the people!!

Cyan: Couldnt you have done something else?!

Nemi: RUN FASTER!! The mother’s got an umbrella!

Cyan: OMG Nemi! We’re going to DIE here! Cant you just reverse back and let him go past you?!

Nemi: NEVER! HE can reverse! I got coke and biscuits, we’ll starve him.

Cyan: One still has to be 18 to pass your licence, right?

Nemi: Excuse me, do you speak chinese?

Girl in green: No?

Nemi: Well, I do. And I was just wondering: Has someone tricked you or did you tattoo “bottom” on purpose?

Cyan: You’re evil

Nemi: Perhaps so, but I’m awesome at getting tables.

Nemi: Excuse me, I would like..

Shop assistant: I’m sorry, I have to finish helping this lady first

Lady in pink: And that one..and that.. and THAT oh and that!

Lady in pink: I need fake eyelashes.. and mascara, and a new eyeliner. I’m going to a party!

Nemi: Forever…

Lady in pink: Glitter? Maybe a little bit of glitter?

Nemi: for f*** sake.

Lady in pink: I want my eyes to SHINE!

Nemi: Shove a torch in your ear.

Nemi: What are we listening to?

Bartender: The Corrs.

Nemi: May I borrow it? I would love to burn it.

Bartender: Sure

Cyan: What would you say your mental age is?

Nemi: Varying.

I Love Nemi, with capital L! I’m really guttet that I cant buy Nemi anymore, in Norway the cartoon comes out once a month. I do read Nemi online but not even half of all the comic strips gets posted online! I mean I totally missed that shes finally, after many years of sleeping around, especially avoiding relationships, has now got a steady boyfriend! That totally blew me off shore!

Anyway, I think everyone should have a little bit of Nemi in their life! If you are interested in Nemi, you can read more at:



I think I’ve been reading Nemi since either 1999 or 2000. She’s been apart of my life for so long and she means so much to me.

Love you LOTS Nemi!

Oh, and of course I cant forget to shout out a tribute to Lise Myhre! The creator and drawer of Nemi.

(Click on the images for fullsize)


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