Jacob playing with paint!

Creativity rocks!

On thursday me and Jake went to the baby club, swimming has now finished. At the baby club they were offering to help you make a footprint and put it in a frame for you for £2, which I thought were really nice! I havent thought of doing that myself yet. I have however made two moulds, one og Jacobs hand and one of his foot when he was 7 weeks old. Its my intention to keep doing this every now and then, I think that would be a nice keepsake.

Well anyway, I didnt quite want to pay £2 for something I could do cheaper and better myself. (Not trying to sound big headed here) What they were doing was using green or pink paint on white paper, some with lines on it. And I thought to myself, I know for a fact I got some black cardboard and some silver paint at home. So I kind of stole their idea (but I put £1 in they charity/goodwill jar, like I do every week. The baby clubs are free for everyone to go to, and they do loads of free activeties as well.  So most of the time I put £1 in their jar because I think its what they are doing is really nice.) Anyway, I stole their idea and did it at home instead. I found I had 3 wooden frames in the bedroom (you never know what you find in our bedroom)

So I splashed some paint on Jakes feet and started printing his footprint on the black cardboad. I did try to do his hand too, but that was soo messy to do on my own that I skipped it.

Jacob didnt mind although he did squirm a bit when I painted his foot. I think the paint was a bit cold. *laughs*

Some prints came out better than others.

It didnt take very long at all for the paint to dry. I used the cheap 89 p paint from Wilkos. Here they are finished in the wood frames. I wrote the date 12-12-11 and Jacobs footprint on the cardboard in silver as well.

I also pinched their idea of doing both footprints. This was the last sheet of black cardboard I had left so I thought, why not. Its something that will be nice to look back at when he grows up. Obviously its my foot to the right : P

I love being creative, it is so much fun! I’m reading the blog of a norwegian girl who is incredibly talented and super creative (www.alveblod.blogg.no) if you’re interested. She makes head jewellery which I now really want to try and do! They are soo pretty. So I might have a go at that at some point, when I do I’ll make a post about that too : )

What is the last creative thing you did?

(click on the images for fullsize)


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