Cocktails for a goddess!

Woah, the other night was intense! But really really awesome too! Last saturday  we were all celebrating my good friend Beth’s 20th, we even got a taxi there and back so everyone could have a drink.

Now, when I’m out I always used to drink beer or lager, mostly because I’ve lived in Norway most of my life and there everything is so expencive. In the right places you can get a pint (of beer/lager) for about £4 and thats really cheap! But last time I were buying lager I payed between £4.50 to £5.50 a pint! I remember once buying some rum and coke, I payed way too much for it and it was the tiniest glass ever. That stopped right there.

Now, I’ve lived in the UK for two years now and last sat was the first night me and the hubby went out drinking, the both of us with no kids. (The kids were in heaven, they had a sleepover at the in-laws). Like I said we were celebrating a b-day and it seemed to be everyones mission to get.. well quite happy *me giggles* I was as ever only going to buy some pint, cheap and nasty lol. But when all the other girls started ordering juggs of cocktails, I got a huge drink envy! This culture is insane! Everyone was drinking out of a 2 pint jugg! Never seen that done before. My friend Jenny ordered a Black Magic and she was nice enough to let me have a sip. Omg! Heaven!

You can guess how the evening progressed for there. *laughs* We were at Wetherspoons and they were doing £10 for 2 pitches/juggs of your choice! Which is amazing really. No wonder that the drinking culture over here is so insane. One jugg was £7.99 I think someone telling me at some point, so its almost pointless to buy just one. We bought loads, I’ve lost count at some point. Jenny was helping me explore the world of cocktails, we had Black Magic, Purple Rain, Blue Lagoon and Marzipan. They were all lovely apart from the Marzipan which was a bit watery.

Blue Lagoon!

Purple Rain!

Then at some point my husband decided to buy some pitchers (without me knowing) and picked one that Jenny had said she didnt like, Gold Digger, and that became my favourite of the night. That is really yummy drink. The danger with most of these is that you cant taste the alcohol in them, so you dont realise how much you drink in the end.

Black Magic! Me and Jenny were both wearing the same nailposlish that matches the drink! Me and Jenny also happened to permanently borrow a pitcher from the pub. We had to go, the taxi was picking us up and we had a whole undrunk pitcher of black magic. Not one of our brighthes moments *laughs*

I never did take a picture of the Gold Digger and nor can I find a picture of it. But it looks a bit like a light coca cola. It’s made up of Caramel Vodka and Coke! How simple is that? I really have to try and get some of that for christmas. The peticular Vodka that Wetherspoons use is the Eristoff Gold, which I know dont come cheap.

If anyone is interested the Black Magic contains: Smirnoff vodka, Archers peach schnapps, blackcurrant cordial and lemonade.

Purple Rain: 2x25ml Sourz Cherry, 2x25ml blue Curaçao and lemonade.

Blue Lagoon: Blue Curaçao, Smirnoff Blueberry vodka, lime cordial and lemonade.

So get making cocktails people!

(From the left) Jenny, Me, Georgie, Jon Ross and Roy in the middle! (Lister was taking the picture)

Do you drink cocktails? If not, you should! : )


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