Head Jewellery!

ohoi there matey!

Now I’ve had a go at making my head jewellery’s! I felt very limited because the only craft shop that’s available near me dont have  alot to choose from.  When I’ve had a chance to order some more beads ect. I can have a go at making some more. This is really simple and really fun!

This one is a “silver” chain with a bead from an old necklase of mine. This one is my favourite of the two.

A simple “gold” bead with a black stone and four “diamonds”

This is the 2nd one. Its got a purple heart and two little bells. Proper bells that is. I think maybe I should have put more bells on this perhaps. I want to make one that has something red in the middle and three or four bells on each side for christmas!

Making these are really cheap aswell! I payed £1.99 for 1 metre of chain which is approximatly 4 head chains. I would love to make some that I can wear from day to day, these two arent exactly made for going to the shop in *giggles* Does anyone know of any good online shops that sells beads like this? I’m counting on that I’m going to have to order them in. I do have some plasic beads I want to try out but I’m not quite sure on a design yet. We’ll see, I’ll post it when I’ve finished them : )

I credit the idea of making head jewellery to this lovelt lady –> http://www.alveblod.blogg.no She is an amazingly creative and inspiring woman. I’m quite the fan!

(click on the images for fullsize)


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