First of all I’d like to start off with wishing everyone a very Happy Holiday! Even if for you that is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Yule, Solstice or what-have-you! Personly I’m celebrating Yule and Christmas. Few may know, but since I was about 13-14 I have been a wiccan. I dont practise as much I’d like but I have to put my needs aside for my family. But I am a very proud wiccan at heart. So Happy Holidays! I hope you all have a most wonderful time!

I went down the shop, Peacocks, especially looking for some cute (and preferably cheap) festive outfits for Jacob. I had been there before, but hadn’t found any but now I was determined to get one, so I asked the cashier if they ahd any. Turns out I had missed them the first time, BUT that was infact very lucky. I had after alot of umm’ing and errr’ing decided to pick up an outfit for Jake for around £10. Because I know that is what the cheapest of them go for. But as the very nice cashier showed me to the clothes she also said “We just put them down half price yesterday, oh wait, not thats more than half price” Turns out they had put all the christmas baby outfits down to £2.50. Wohoo! So I went and bought 3!  I got three outfits for less than the price of one! Mummy was super happy!

Two snowman outfits, but we’re skipping the hat. Had to leave his ears outside it because his head is too big. *laughs*

Got one of these. It looks like a bathrobe but I’m using it as a winter coat. Its more than thick enough. Here we were just making sure it fit. I think he looks adorable with it!

Think they are cute or tacky?

Happy Holidays! See you before the New Year!


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