Jewellery – My new hobby!

I have a new hobby! (I actually have plenty of hobbies, but I havent been doing most of them lately; drawing, sowing, knitting, blogging – mostly crafty things) But I have recently become very inspired and after I made my first head chain (which has now been remade again) I have really started to enjoy making jewellery! Of course only amateurly.

My wonderful husband took me to Hobbycraft to sport my new found hobby –  spent £85 on my xmas prezzie there

A head chain I made for a special someone!

My new favourite chain. Daily wear perhaps.

A chain I made for christmas. One reason I’ve started wearing head chains is because Jacob likes tugging my necklaces and earrings – Owie!

A necklace I made for a special someone!

A necklace I made for my mother in law!

I really enjoy making jewellery, I take apart old necklaces and stuff that I never use and remake it into something I’d like more. I can now also fix pretty much anything that is broken. I love making necklaces in steampunk – like the butterflies. (Obviously I dont make the butterflies myself) So now, In every charity shop and car boot sale I’m looking for old jewellery I can make into something new and pretty! This is really insipring me to start sowing dresses again. *claps hand exitedly* It is so wonderful to have a hobby again <3!

Have you got any special hobbies?


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