My corset! <3

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Me and the family had a wonderful holiday and to make it even better we went up north to see my sister-in law Ephedra and her partner Luther! That was splendid, such a shame we couldnt stay longer, but with the degu’s and fish home alone we could only really stay away for two days. It was a right mayhem with their two dogs and cat and our dog and cat.

We went to Birmingham on wednesday and that was amazing! Ephy had this amazing shop to show me! We are like two peas in a pod when it comes to certain things – and one of them is corsets!! We love our corsets! I have always wanted to get one, but has never had the money to do so. Birmingham is wicked for shopping in and Ephy said she knew exactly what shop I’d probably faint in. And I nearly did, lets just say I got a new favourite shop! It had everything when it comes to gothic clothing, accessories and more! They had the most amazing corsets and I wanted to buy absolutely everything – max out the credit card! Its called The Rock @ Oasis. Anna Bee is this awesome woman who knows exactly what fits your taste, she also owns the shop. She hauled out the gorgoeous black silk corset and I instantly fell in love. It called my name and when she asked if I wanted to try it I think I actually dribbled.

Nothing can compare to the feeling of being strapped into a corset. It hugs to your body and kicks your confidence high in the air. When I looked at myself in the mirror I knew I couldnt leave the shop without taking the corset with me. I have yet to get a picture of me in the corset, but it strapes my waist in 4 and a half inches! (approx 12 cm) I love it beyond sense and reason.

While I was possessed with my corset I didnt realise that Lister had fallen in love with approximately half a cow. He found this amazing black leather coat. Not jacket. Coat. Long, proper leather coat, about down to the ankles. It looks really good on him! I love men who wears black leather coats. I’m so jealous now, I really want one too!

We spent alot of money in that shop! I even got something for Jacob. Its a black baby grow with a baby dragon and a wolf cub on it. Which fits perfectly. His dad is half a dragon and Jake’s middle name is Wolf.

Its size S and size wise I reckon its about 6-9 months. I cant WAIT! *bounces* Its made by which I’ve already looked at. Might be ordering some more clothes from there!

My sexy man in his sexy new cow..err I mean coat.

My precious!!

The back of my wonderful corset ❤

I absolutely recommend Top Rock to everyone! It is an awesome shop! I love it to bits! If you are interested in having a look their myspace is: or their adress in Brimingham is, Priory Square, Birmingham, W.Midlans, B4 6SX. I owe them a HUGE shout out for being absolutely awesome.

Their awesome shopping bag!

Corsets are like tattoos, once you got one – you’ll want more! But that requires some serious saving! Corsets do not come cheap, unless you buy the cheap crappy ones which will break. These corsets are for life, treated with care. Proper steel boned. Next on the list is an underbust corset, but like I said, they do not come cheap. What do you think about corsets? Do you have any? I would love to know what kind!

(click on the images for fullsize)


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