2011 Replay

Wow. Finally its 2012. To me it feels like we’ve already had 2012 for a year and 2011 was several years ago. Oh well.

I meant to write this yesterday, before we actually hit 2012. 2011 has been a really hectic year for me and the family. I spent seven and a half months of 2011 being pregnant, three of those months with really bad morning sickness. Countless hours in the hospital waiting room, 6 nights in hospital waiting for Jake to come out.

The 14th of January 2011 Lister was in a minor car accident which smashed our 2 week old “new” car. On the 19th I saw my unborn little love for the first time at the ultrsound scan at the Royal Surrey Hospital. The 20th me and Lister had our anniversary for moving in together. The 21st me and my mother-in-law went and had a spa day. The boys has bought us that for christmas.

8th of February was my 21st birthday, where we went out for a wonderful meal at Inn on the Lake. I had half a glass of pink champagne, but sadly I could not finish my wonderful carbonara because I felt ill. Then the 14th was valentines day and Lister showered me in lots of lovely gifts like bodyscrubs and lotions.

The 21st of March I saw my unborn love again at another scan. The 24th I went to the doctors, I had gotten the flu, but they said there was nothing they could do for me. The 25th all of my love-lings from Norway came over and slept in my front room. The 26th me and Lister got married!!

2nd of April we went away on our honeymoon, down to Hastings. Battle of Hastings Hastings. That was wonderful, so beautiful and so much history. We found this amazing 2nd hand bookshop in which we picked up alot of books in. We stayed till the 5th. The 29th of April we celebrated Lewis’s birthday.

First thing we did on our honeymoon while waiting for our keys to the luxury cabin. Guess who had the starslush *giggles*

The 27th of May we celebrated Lister’s birthday, had a nice and quiet one in. I know I had atleast one scan and one other appointment at the hospital about Jacob and around this time we found out we were going to call him Jacob.

We had an extremly stressful July getting everything ready for Jake’s arrival. I was due the 4th of August.

The 4th of August I had a doctors appointment. Had another one done the 11th and got sent into the hospital with high bloodpressure. The 12th I became friends with a wonderful girl named Ellie (who had her baby girl 3 weeks after Jacob was born) Saturday evening the 13th my water broke. 35 minutes past midnight the 15th Jake finally came out!

The 22nd of August my wonderful sister came to see me ❤ She stayed till the 26th. She took lots and lots of nice pictures of Jacob. The header of my blog is credited to her.

Two weeks old!

September was a blur – I’m sure I’ve forgotten something important that happened. We for example had our 6 week check-up.

The 12th of October I started my blog! Some time after that we got our awesome kitten Kimu! Who’s no longer a kitten, lol.

In November I had my father and step mother over for a quick visit. And then came December, which is so recent that I havent really classed any of the events memorable besides Christmas of course and going to see my sister in law. Well I do suppose getting my first corset is important.

As for another important thing that happened gradually in 2011 is that we have made some wonderful friends, six in fact. You know who you are – and you are so very much appreciated! ❤

I hope you all have had a nice 2011! For us it was not a bad year. I hope that this year might not be as stressful, but has just as much to offer! I do have a few new year resolutions, but I’m not going to reveal them yet. So I’m going to finish by wishing you a late, yet very Happy New Year! Dont dwel in the past – look to the future!


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