The end of an era!

…Or so it feels like.

Monday was the first day back at school after the weekend. During the weekend we always go places, the four of us, and on saturday we went to Aldershot to buy a new duvet and some other bits. Ofc we had Jake in the car, in his little carseat which also is part of the buggy. Our buggy is a three-in-one system. From newborn to 3 years old and carseat. The newborn seat is also the carseat and they can be in that as long as they fit, basically.

Now, Jake still fits in his and I didnt really want to move him “up” or “down” or however you put it, until he was able to sit up on his own. But  as we went to the shop on saturday his carseat got left in the car. We usually go to Listers parents on Sundays, but I was (and still am a little bit) ill (just flu/cold with a serious blocked ear. Havent heard anything out of my right ear for days now)  and we didnt want to bring any potentional germs over there. So it just got left in the car and List took it with him to work on Monday without even thinking about it. And neither did I.

So when I was about to walk Lewis to school the following day, I realised that it was still in the car and thought “No biggie I’ll just carry him”. Lewis’s school is like 10 minutes up the road anyway. But then, half way up the road it hit me, Jake is now big enough to sit in the buggy without the infant seat. Plonker! But going back just to get the buggy would waste precious time so we just carried on. It was a whole new experience for Jake : )

Would you believe its actually quite hard to take pictures with one hand and carrying babies with the other. Jake looking somewhat befuddled here. We’re on our way back from taking Lewis to school.

I tried putting him the other way around in the buggy when we got  home and he fitted perfectly! I saw estatic! And then I got really sad. My little one is growing up and way to quick for my liking! I was a little worried that he wouldnt like not facing me anymore. In his “baby seat” he faces me and thats all he has ever been used to. But as the amazing baby that he is, he was absolutely fine. I wasnt. How can my little precious be fine with not seeing me anymore?! (I’m not really upset) The thing is, I’m not fine with it!  I want my baby to face me because I want to see him all the time! So now every now and then I stop and just peek around at him so I can see whats going on. The buggy does have a little flap you can open and goggle down at your kid, which I tend to use quite often. It was really funny when he was laying down in the buggy (one of my genious ideas to try and get him to sleep) and everytime I opened the flap he looked back up at me with a “What you doing?” kind of look, which brought me into hysterics every time. I’m sure the person on the other side of the street thought I was mad.

5 months – going on 5 years I swear!

What is even worse (well not really) is that now he is getting to that stage that every time I put something in my mouth and he is on my lap, he opens his mouth like a fish. Open – close, open – close. He wants to taste it. We’ve spoiled him with giving him little fingertips of all kinds of different flavours. So last night Lister mashed a tiny bit of sweet potato, normal potato and tiny litte bit of my fish up with some of Jake’s milk.  And a little bit of that went down too. *sigh* We only did that to see if he actually would like some proper food, he is getting to the age where we can start to introduce solids. Jake liked it for about four, five mouthfulls, but then it all got a bit to much I think he he didnt want it anymore. All he wanted then was milk.

Dad feeding Jake-loo with my old baby spoon!

I’m a bit sad really, this really means its an end of an era. He is not going to be my little baby Jake for very much longer. Yes, ofc I love that he is growing up, I want him to learn to talk so I can see what an awesome little person he is going to be, but it all feels so bittersweet. I havent had enough time. He hasnt been my little tiny baby squirm long enough. I dont want to let go, just quite yet. What is even more sad is that most of my norwegian friend and family, like mum, havent seen him yet. Only on pictures and a few videos. So that are missing out of this awesome little bit of his life. Babies come in to their own then they are tiny tiny and are proper babies. Also to fully appreciate his development, its nice to have seen all stages of it. But, I know, to me my baby is the center of the universe. All mothers suffer from the “my baby is cuter/prettier/better that yours” syndrome. I’m terrible for thinking just how incredible cute Jacob is *laughs*

I just cant believe that in 4 days he is 5 months old. !!


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