A social butterfly!

I’m near enough proud of myself! Yes, indeed I am. Yesterday I was an ever so social butterfly. Mhm, I was. For those of you who know me really well, you know I put on this act of being confident and outgoing. But really I’m not. I’m actually quite shy – and did you know, I’m terrified of answering the phone if I dont know who it is. So I’ve memorized and named near enough every number. *laughs* Silly hey, but I did learn the other day that Fearne Cotten  has the same issue lol, so I’m not that weird.

BUT! What I was so proudly going to tell you is that yesterday I was really social and had a blast! You see, the baby swimming was cancelled which kind of sucked, because I really enjoy that. However the downside of baby swimming is that  we cant go to the baby weighing. The baby weighing is always at 12 midday Thurdays and the baby swimming is starts 11.50 am Thursdays. They say you shouldnt get to weight obsessed so having them weighed once every 3-4 weeks is plenty. However I had not been able to weigh Jacob since 22nd of December, because of the baby swimming before christmas. And during christmas you are not allowed to bring older kids with you, so that was out of the question too. I decided to go to the baby club, starting at 10 am and do the weighing at 12 seeing as the baby swimming was cancelled. On the way up there I met Kerrie and we got talking. We havent really been able to catch up for ages so we stood there nattering. I think we stood there for over an hour actually. She also told me that now they changed the time from 10 am to 9.30. Yeah, thanks for telling me in your newsletter that I never got, Chase. So I was well and truly late. But I really enjoyed talking to Kerrie, so I thought sod the baby club, lol. I was really more interested in the weighing.

I got there just as it ended, 11 am, but now they have also said that you’re not allowed to wait in the room for the weighing at 12. Which is really stupid. Imagine if you’re coming for Alton (15-20 minutes away by car) and now have to find something do to for an hour, just because they changed the time and decided you couldnt wait in the room anymore. Its not like they have anything else going on. Then Lauren told me she and Laura was going to go grab a coffee at the Dairy-whatever-its-called cafe we got here. So I invited myself, which they didnt seem to mind and after we got there we were joined by Hanna too. Obviously we had the babies with us lol. The two Jacob’s, Jenna and Brooke! The other Jacob (we call him Jacob and my Jacob, Jake.) He lent Jake his musical tambourine, which Jake loved, so I might have to get one. He insisted on slobbering all over it, as if that would make it his property *laughs*

On the 22nd of Dec. Jake was 14 lbs 1/2 oz, 6.36 kg. That was the last time I had weighed him and before I had started topping him up with formula. (I have now completely stopped breastfeeding, of several reasons, and it hurts to admit it. First of all, the reason I started topping Jake up with formula was because I felt he wasnt getting enough food. He was always grumpy and started to wake up in the night. As soon as I started topping him up, he was fine. Then my milk supply started to fade. Even if I was breastfeeding just as much and only topping up, it still kept fading. On top of that Jake started to bite. OMG even if the little squirm dont have teeth yet, it still bloody hurts. Everytime, as soon as he got distracted – *chomp!* My health visitor said to firmly tell him No! and take him off the breast for a little, then put him back on. It didnt help and in the end it became a chore. I was actually dreading feeding time rather than have it being the nice and close time we used to have, I really was dreading it. So not thinking about I slowly fed him more formula and less breast. Before I knew it, I was down to only breastfeeding mornings and evenings, and now I have “finally” stopped. At 5 months of age.)

I did expect him to shoot up in weight when I started topping him up with formula, you can so easily tell by the babies weight if they need more or less. I half thought that it was my lazy side that wanted to bottlefeed (to breastfeed a full feed, it takes about 30-40 minutes, while a bottlefeed takes at most about 15-20 minutes.) Like I said, I so expected his weight to have shot up, to the next line on the chart. But I had a surprise coming.

At 21 weeks he is now 15 lbs 11 oz, 7.13 kg. He was still following the same rate he always had been.  Which obviously meant I made the right decision, giving him formula as well. I was secretly so pleased that I had trusted, and now can trust my motherly instinct.

In the red book they give you when your baby is born, they got this chart in the back that the health visitors fill out when you have the babies weighed. You’re not allowed to touch this chart yourself. I spose its because when you weight them with the same scale everytime, you get a more accurate reading.

And this is the growth chart where you mark (well they do it) for each time you weigh the baby. The babies are supposed to find a line that suits them, and then follow it. These charts are based on breastfeed babies, so some bottlefeed babies might end up very high on the chart. Which is why I expected his pattern to be off the roof.  His “dots” doesnt follow a peticular line, but you can still see that it follows a steady growth.

Oh and remember the other day when I was glad that Jake had come to the stage where hes almost ready for proper food? Well the new health visitor managed to poo poo that. I didnt even say that I had tried to give him a little. I just said I was surprised his weight was so steady because I had switched to formula. Then she said that he wasnt ready for solids yet, that they reccomend 6 months,  bla bla bla. Obviously I didnt argue with her, I just smiled and nodded and thought “fuck you” lol.

When I came home, I did a bit of research on when your baby is ready to begin introduction to solids. Jake has more checks on ready for solids rather than not ready. He has near enough doubled his birthweight. He has good headcontrol. He is genuinly interested in everything I eat. He turns his head away from the bottle when he’s not hungry anymore and he will sometimes sit there chewing away on nothing. Chewing is a sign that they are learning to stop pushing their food back with their tounge and rather “chew” the food.

So I’ve decided to hold on a little, but not totally. I want to trust my instinct this time, as I did last time, when I was right. I’m not going to try and replace one of his bottles a day with food, but rather try and give him a little bit before. Like tonight, before he went to bed I mushed up one rusk with some of his milk and let him sit there and taste it. He made a right mess of it, but he understood that it had to be eaten differently than milk. So we’ll see how we’ll get on. He didnt eat all of it, which I didnt expect him to do either. I do it more for the taste of it and getting used to it. I dont know if that is the right way, but I cant see any harm. And Jake likes it. He opens his mouth like a little baby bird when he wants more.

What do you think? Follow my instinct or health visitor?


3 responses to “A social butterfly!

  1. Definitely follow the signs of the baby. 5 months is the perfect time to start introducing solids (according to my mother) – not to early to develop allergies and not to late. If he wants it, give it to him! Your instincts are right, not the stupid doctors. Good luck, can’t wait to see you soon!!!

  2. Yes, thanks hun! I believe your mother knows what shes talking about 🙂 Jake is so very into eating everything (altho not allowed everything lol) When are you coming to see us hun? ❤

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