Creative Nails!

I love nails. I love being creative with nails. Sadly my own nails aren’t very strong and they keep splitting. If I could, I would have long nails all the time. However, I’ve found that wearing nail polish keeps them from splitting and they are not so brittle. Over the years I’ve been looking for different and new ways of wearing nail polish. One of my recent favourite is Barry M.

Barry M is a make-up brand that doesnt just have nail polish, but mascara, eyeliner, lipsick – you name it. Now, I’ve not tried any of their make-up besides nail polish, but them I do vouch for! Its quite affordable compared to other famous brands like No 7 and Rimmel, but the main reason Barry M is my very favourite nail polish atm is because they have something no one else has (as far as I’m aware of). Crackling nail polish! They have two different types, one that cracks and one that croc’s. They refer to it as “mock-croc” on their website.

These are my four Barry M nail paints (as they call them). The three to the right are the ones that crack – the one to the left is the one that croc’s. The image on the lid is almost how it looks on your nails. The crack is available in the three colours displayed in my pic and also in blue, gold and purple. I think the croc comes in only black and white.

It’s really simple to use and really fun! First you apply a basecoat of any favourite nail polish and wait. I wait till its completely dry, then do another layer of the same base coat. Then when the 2nd layer is totally dry I apply the crackle/croc. The croc takes a few minutes to work while the crackle is instant!

This is Rimmel’s 60 seconds 610 Pompus as a base coat with the pink Barry M crackle! (If you click on the picture and look on my little finger, you’ll see that the purple underneath is quite faded. That is because I only used one layer of base coat. So I always recommend using two layers.)

This is the one I’m currently wearing. Rimmel’s 60 seconds 270 Shocker with black Barry M crackle.

I really regret being lazy and not taking a pic when I was wearing my Rimmel Kate Moss I ❤ Collection 198 Azure and White Barry M. That was super gorgeous and really suitable for winter.

The one to the right is the I ❤ Collection blue I used. So very very pretty! The middle one is actually the pink 270 Shocker, even if it looks red on this picture.

This is the Barry M’s mock-croc. Its not as “violent” as the crackling one.  Its resembles crocodile skin. I dont know what the base coat is called, I didnt pay attention to the name. I think this one might need a stronger colour for a base coat.

I love Barry M, they have really decent nail paints. My other favourites are Rimmel (as you probably guessed) and No7. However, No7 is quite expencive, so I only buy that when its on “offer” or I got a voucher for it. I highly recommend all three of the brands. Collection 2000 and 17 are also good makes but the polish tends to try up every quickly.

Another thing I love doing with my nails is the good old 50’s manicure. While french manicure keeps the tip of your nail white, the 50’s had the moon or lunula white. Or any colour that pleases. Dita von Teese has brought this back into light. (Must just mention, seeing as we’re on the subject, that Dita is a great inspiration to me. I have a huge girl crush on her!) Dita is not only famous for being the queen of burlesque, corsets and sexy lingerie, but also for the famous, red and wonderful 50’s manicure.

She always wears it like this, with silver base coat and red.

This manicure is very easy to do, one you know how to do it, but I’d still love to get my claws on these sexy falsies!

Its is more commonly called “The half moon manicure” Here its done with quite a large moon and black. I think this is most elegant!

I will make a tutorial next time I do this manicure on myself and teach you how to do it. Its very simple, but you need a bit of patience. : )

Someone else that needs a shout-out for creative nails is Simple Little Pleasures on youtube! She does water marbling! 6 months ago I had never heard of this before, but its really awesome! Be sure to check out here awesome designs and tutorials —>


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