I’ve finally got it. Almost 22 years it took me, to find out what my call is. What I want to be when I grow up – so to speak. There are things I’ve wanted to become but none of them has ever truly felt right, like this does. One of my best friends said “I want to be a lawyer” and now she is over half way getting there. I always wished I had something I really wanted to become, and have the passion to do it. Now I do. I will spent the rest of my life striving to get there.

Last night I finished yet another book. I was buzzing, such a wicked wicked book. I reserched how much the next book in the series was on amazon and so on, then turned the light off to go to sleep. It was 1 am after all. I was almost aching to be back in the world I had just left. And that, I believe, is the greatest authors. To write so well and so captivating that you almost get addicted to what they write.

And that is when it hit me. I want to be a writer. Not just a writer, an author.

Ever since I was a child I have alway had strange ideas in my head. I used to play faerie princess in the woods, princess of such and such, that I had my own dragon and so on. Most people grow out of these things as they grow up, I did too, in a way. But not completely. Sometimes I hear the conversation of two fictional characters in my head (fictional characters that my mind has made up) and in the conversation, I see a whole potential world. A world of adventures and romance, dangers and quests.

I have over the years written alot of things, mostly fan fiction of other peoples work. I used to have my own sub character in Harry Potter, Helena Saberhagen was her name. She eventually married Draco.

I used to write my own vampire fan fiction, several chapters of it. But vampires is already done – might get done for being a copy cat.

I’ve written chapters upon chapters with fiction from my guild in the MMO game shaiya.

Most of what I have written has been inspired by other peoples work. Harry Potter, Merry Gentry, Anne Rice’s  V- Chronicles, Eragon, Vampire Academy, Darren Shan – just to name a few. They have all been apart of creating this whole world, where everything is real.

Since last night alot has taken form in my head, I am now itching to get writing, I know that writing is the best way to open door to the unknown in your head. With every word you type, your mind races to unlock the doors and discover the secrets behind it.

I would love to become a writer – author. No need to be famous, but hopefully, eventually one day – even if it takes years, get a book published. I have found my call, this is what I want to do. Everything else I do will just be a stepping stone to getting there.


I have written this more for me, than you. When I get stuck I need to come back here and read this. Feel the inspiration that is currently running through my veins, know that I can do this. I need this. This is ME.


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