More shopping!

So today i finally got some prune juice for Jacob. Poor little sod hasnt got it easy. Hopefully the prune juice will help his bowl movements and he’ll feel better soon. I’m doing 1/2 oz of juice and 1/2 of water. He dont peticularly like the prune juice, but some goes down. If I dont see an improvement soon, I’ll switch to either apple or pear, they appearently do the same trick.

Today we were out and promised about £700 away. Over 10 months. We finally bought a new bed. The bed we have now is a good 20 years old AND 2nd hand. Not that there is anything wrong with 2nd hand, but its nice to have a bed that only you have slep on. Especially considering previous ex’s has slept in that very bed. And not my ex’s either.

We got a really nice double sprung with memory foam king size bed. It will be delivered sometime in the end of February, so its not like I can enjoy it now. You’d be screw’d if you broke your bed and immediatly needed a new one. *laughs*

We also went to ASDA and bought clothes for the kids. Lewis got some new jumpers and trousers and jake some really adorable clothes.

Got a ever so cute sleeping bag which is all white and says Goodnight Sweet Dreams on it. Its  6-12 months. 

ASDA beats Mothercare!  £10 over £30 and way nicer design too. (Check out the my awesome nails, did it myself *proud*)

Bought 7 bodysuits for £7.50 (Jake is already wearing one)

Also bought 3 sleepsuits for £6, and look! They match!!

Matching! How cute is that! The third one is all stripy like the body suit to the left in the 3rd picture. Jake is wearing that to bed now, with his new sleepingbag.

The reason I’m still buying 3-6 months stuff (and Jake being 5 months and 6 days) is that he has really just grown out of his 0-3 body suits. The sleepsuits are a bit tight, so I’ve finally packed them away. I’m thinking, unless he has one hell of a growth spurt, he’ll be able to fit into these for quite a while still. The sleepsuits are well baggy on his so there is plenty of space to grow it. : )

I also got a new keyboard today! Now that I’m really inspired to write, I need a keyboard that is really nice to write on. The one I had is a very nice and decent keyboard, a Logitec one. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. But I find in a way that keyboards is like shoes, find the right one and they have give you energy and willpower. I used to have it like that with a pair of shoes that I had only for PE in school. And everytime I put the shoes on it was as if my feet and legs got filled with energy and the power to run. Run and jump and preform. I’ve never had it like that with any other shoes in my life, so I’ve still held on to them. They still fit me, even tho they are beginning to become a bit worn.

And I find its the same with keyboards. There can be a really good, expencive keyboard that doesnt do anything for me. The first time I realised it was like this, was when I borrowed my friend Silg’s Apple MacBook. They have the most wonderful keyboards! Its something about the keys and the sound they make when you type with them. Today I finally found one that feels very similar and I absolutely love to write on.

This is a cheap Logik £14 jobbie which I got for £7. Score! Hubby was also lovely and bought me some new speakers and a delish headset! Thank you !! ❤

TTYL! *giggles*

(Click on the images for fullsize)


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