I can do it myself!

I realise it may have come across like I was black painting the health visitors, which I indeed was not. I think its great that there are health visitors that you can talk to about anything and get advice. However when it came to soldids I have decided to go my own way. I held my horses a little bit, but Jacob is showing almost every sign that he is ready to move on. He still gets as much milk as normally, but I give him a little lunch around mid day. Today was a raspberry Petits Filous on the menu.

  He was sat on my lap and I was trying to feed him, but everytime he vigorously grabbed the spoon and told me “Mum, I can do this myself!” So I just left him to it after the third time he took it.  All I did was put more yoghurt on the spoon for him.

In the end he said “Cant I just have it straight out of the yoghurt pot?” “No” Said mum.

Even when it was empty we still wanted more. Nom-Nom!


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