What a blondie!

I swear, sometimes I should have been born blonde.

A couple of weeks ago, right after Lister got his leather coat he decided he wanted to dye his hair. Now, I’m the queen of hairdye in the family so I happily agreed. Change is good. He dyed his hair in a very dark brown, which looked more like black. He liked it, but was glad he hadnt gone for black. It was really dark, but I liked it!

Now, on friday he came home from work saying that he should dye his hair again. I have been thinking lately that I needed a change too. I’ve had the Red Black in my hair for ages, which I like, but I have been considering highlights. Not a drastic change, but a change none the less. Besides my roots were getting really long, like an inch, not that they were showing horribly. It just looked like I was going a bit gray. My natural hair colour is a medium brown, but its a little bit dull.

Then in a split second I decided to go blonde! Really. Everyone has always told me “Nah, I dont think you’d suit blonde” And I’ve always agreed. I got dark eyes and eyebrows. I’ve also always thought that brown eyes and blonde hair isnt really that nice together (unless you’re born with it, no offence to anyone) but that was another reason I was sure blonde wasnt my colour. But Lister said “Sure! You never know if you dont try!” We ran down to Wilkos and picked up our choice of hairdye, in my case Live XXL Absolute Platinum. It said it was suitable for really dark hair, which alot of others werent. Lister picked up Live XXL Luminance. It worked, but only gave it a slight purple tint. It didnt lighten it like it said it would on the box, but atleast his auburn roots arent showing. He said himself he’s not really that disappointed. Now he knows he has to lighten his hair before something like this again.

I was super exited! Yay! Blonde hair! I mixed it all together and put it all in my hair. I could see my roots going blonde, really blonde!

But there it stopped. No matter how long it was in, it refused to “bleach” after almost an hour I washed it out, really disappointed. I had a look in the box again and said “You know, I never did figure out what this Blonde-Booster Ultra Plus powder was for” Lister then yanks the instructions out of my hand and shows me that I was supposed to have mixed it in with the rest. Gah, seriously!? How could I have missed that?? I remember vaguely thinking it was probably part of the after care. How. thick. can. you. get. ? *cries*

Then my lovely husband took pity on his blonde-INSIDE-the-head-wife, and goes and buys her some proper bleach kit. L’Oreal. This time I made sure I mixed it correctly. Lister double checked. This time it went super blonde! For about 5-6 inches. The rest is has now become a light coppery colour. The copper colour is actually really nice. If I could obtain that and have some blonde highlights in that, now that I recon would be a sight!

Anyway, picture time. Let me know what you think. I dont honestly know if I like it it or not, so if you say its hideous thats fine. It wont stay this way, I think. *laughs* Im not at all sure what I think!

I like it, but I dont. I look in the mirror and think “Ugh” then after a while I think “Hmm, maybe its not so bad” I DO like the coppery colour tho.

Here I’ve tied it back with two clips

It lookes very strange. I think strange is the correct word here. It almost looks like I dyed it coppery and have natural blonde hair. Almost.

Does it work with my dark eyes and brows?

Lister likes it when I got it tied back in a ponytail.

Lord I swear, only I could manage to mess up a dye like the first one I did! ROFL!

Let me know what you think please! Go all copper with highlights, go blonde, what?!


2 responses to “What a blondie!

  1. Iv just done exactly the bloody same – I use this bleach alllll the time – yet this time I forgot!!! So thats 2 boxes of bleach down the drain and im sat like a wally waiting for summat to happen :/

    • Oh, how annoying! What bothers me the most is that they arent exacly cheap either! Hopefully you get your hair sorted out soon : ) Good luck! x

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