Its the little things…

..that makes your life just that little bit better! (even if its perfect to begin with)


Went to Aldershot today with my friend Natasha! Had a great day, got another bottle of my new favourite foundation; Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. Its anti-fatigue effect + radiant glow. I love it, its absolutely brilliant. Rimmel has just launched it (with Kate Moss as their face) and atm. its on and introduction offer of £5.99. Normally it will be £9.99. Considering the foundation I used to use costs £15, I’m thrilled!

I got two different ones, 100 Ivory and 103 True Ivory. They both work with my complection and now I can choose how much “colour” I want on my face. However, the best thing about the foundation is that it really does give you a glow! I think I look fresh with this one on. Its says “Your secret weapon against late nights.” I agree 100%! It glides on, nice and smoothly and not to mention it has SPF 15, which is awesome. Then you dont have to apply that underneath first!

100 Ivory

This is what my finger looks like after applying the foundation to my face. It has tiny bits of shimmer in it! No wonder it looks like you’re glowing ; ) This is propably their “illuminating radiance pearls for a natural glow.”

I 100% reccomend this foundation and I usually have a really hard time finding something that works with my skin! I rated this product a 5/5 on their website;

Me and Tasha also had a wonder into the 99 p store! I love them. I found a conditioner for my hair, Sunshine Blonde. “Brightens both natural and coulour-treated hair” Perfect! And if it doesn’t work, well I only payed 99 p for it and it can quite happily go in the bin. Bargain!

I also found some really awesome cups! All our cups are different and definetly not matching, and I’ve wanted for a long time to get some nice matching cups. I’m quite fond of things that match, you see.

99p (each) Tea and Coffee cups! ❤

They are black and lush inside!

Would be awesome for when we have guests over, tea-people get a Tea cup and coffee-people get a Coffee cup. Did you also know that the tannin in the tea will eventually colour the cup with a brown tint AND can leave a slight taste to other things in the cup? Another good reason to have separate cups : )

Little things like this make me smile and bounce and generally in a very good mood! Shopping is good for your health, really! *winks*


3 responses to “Its the little things…

  1. What is the difference between ivory and true ivory? I find ivory a bit orange, is true ivory more yellow toned? Thanks

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