Do it yourself!

Yesterday was a bit of a milestone for Jacob. He finally rolled over on his own! I have found him once or twice on his belly, but I was never sure if it was Lewis that had turned Jake over. But now I know it probably wasnt. I dont trust him anywhere but the floor now, now that he rolls over. So well done Jacob! We’re not far off sitting up on our own either. He does sit on his own for about a minute but I’m not sure if its a fluke or not. And its only every now and then, like he suddenly finds his balance. I’m really looking forward to him sitting up! *smile*

Me and my friend Kerrie have been really busy the past few days. We have decided rather than to buy the expencive baby food, we’re making it instead. The other day we bought sweet potato, carrots, parsnips, butternut squash, peach, mango, apple, pear and banana. Kerrie had invited me over for a “baby baking day” and we had really so much fun! I think we used the Annabel Karmel recipes, which are really good! We got loads of ice cube trays and put all the baby food we made in them. Then you can take a few cubes out of the freezer at a time. It is really a brilliant idea! The baby food lasts up to 8 weeks in the freezer.

Sweet potato and a butternut squash that I’m sorting out. We found out that two sweetpotatoes barely makes anything so next time we’ll have to make ATLEAST double.

Ready for them to go in the oven. Butternut squash in for 45 min and potatoes for 1 hour.

All the icecube trays ready! (and yes, these were the only icecube trays that the shop was selling this time of year. But on the plus side they were down to 40 p rather than £1)

More boxes ready for food! (they have all been sterilised)

Steamed carrots!

Jake and Alfie chilling out in the kitchen!

3 peaches! Three dont make alot for two babies, but for one, three should be plenty. You cant freeze peach either so you have to make it the day it will be eaten. It can be stored in the fridge for 48 hours.

Mushed mango!

Steamed and pureed parsnips! (yes it does look like mashed potato) It is really so yummy!


The boys chilling in the kitchen again!

Steaming carrots, apple and pear and just apple (top)

Baked sweet potato!

Apple and pear and carrot!

Yummy food!

Some of them finished and labeled!

Last night we had sage and onion stuffing chicken with mashed potatoes, broccoli, spring greens and leek. Lewis and Lister left some leftovers, and I thought that I should make that up for Jacob. Seeing as the baby food lasts 8 weeks in the freezer he should be able to eat it by then. In 8 weeks he’ll be seven and a half months.

Looks pretty goopy in the blender *laughs*

The chicken was quite dry, so I added a bit of baby milk to it. It now has a nice texture.

Got two full tubs of it, which should be two dinners for Jake. And look, the plonker (being me) managed to write 2011 on the label! Rofl!

It is brillantly easy to make baby food! Most things you either steam, oven or boil and then mix it in blender till its puree. If the texture is a bit thick, just add some baby milk until its right. Not to mention making it yourself is so much cheaper than buying it. If all the food we made was for one baby, it would have had food for weeks. All in all we probably payed £10 for one butternut squash, two sweet potatoes, a whole bag of carrots, a whole bag of parsnips, five bananas, a pack of five peach, one mango, a bag of apples and a bag of pears. Each, they probably have about 20 meals, if not more!

If you were to buy 40 meals in jars with the price ranging from 60p up to £1, that is easily £40! So we made healthier food for a quarter of the price! Genious! Besides, when you do it together with someone you dont even think about all the peeling and chopping! It also makes me feel good inside that I’m doing something good for Jacob.

He wasnt very fussed on the peach or carrot (and tbh I didnt really fancy the peach either)

I think sweet potato is the favorite so far! Yum!


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