Nails III

Got a bit creative today after looking at fake nails in Superdrug. I really love some of the fake nails, but they really damage my real nails when I use them. So I bought some nail jewellery for £1 in Poundland (was £3.25 in Superdrug, only difference was that the Poundland one didnt come with glue) and I already had glue.

It came with two orange sticks/manicure sticks as well. I didnt think that was bad at all for £1!

Put two coats of Rimmels I ❤ Lasting Finish, 198 Azure.

I went for some blue stars, pearl and diamond beads (real diamonds, honest!)

Finished result! This is the left hand.

Right hand

Details got a bit fussed by too much glue.

Me happy! I need to have creative outbursts every now and then, even if it goes a bit overboard *laughs*


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