Update and Birthday!

You know you’ve been away for too long when you’re no longer logged in to wordpress…

I’ve had so much going on lately, I apologize. To sum up what has happened the past week;

I have red hair now. Like bright, scarlett red. Pics will come at some point.

Its been snowing. Alot.

I weighed Jacob on tuesday and he is now 16lb 13oz! (7.63kg) So in under a month, hes gained over a pound. (weighed him 12/1 and was 15 lb 11oz)

I got a package from my dearest and oldest friend, Marthe. She sent med some norwegian chocolate that we always used to get when we were having film nights, it was such memories eating them again! ❤

She sent both the boys a present (really a late christmas pressies). Jake got a really cute white t-shirt with a pirate on it and Lewis one with Scrat from Ice Age. Hilarious!

And I aslo got a birthday pressie from her! It was the most amazing book about chocolate. It was a really pretty book! (I’ll post some pic’s of all my pressies later)

Last, but not least, it was my 22nd birthday on Weds. I had 39 birthday greetings on facebook! Thank you everyone!! ❤

I really can’t believe I’m 22 already. I mean, it feels like your teens just drag on and as soon as you hit 20, before you know it, you’re 28 and can spot the first wrinkles after havining to many late nights! I think that is SO unfair!

I had such an amazing birthday! Without my knowledge my friend Kerrie and Lister had plotted together. Kerrie invited me over for a birthday lunch, which was really yummy! While we were doing that List had taken a day off work and was literally redoing the house! He had made sure that the sofa we ordered a few weeks ago would come. He bought me my (I say my because I died thinking about having one) 8 hob, two oven duel range cooker! Its HUGE! with capital H!! He bought and booked my first driving lessons with an insturctor (BSM) and another 4 two hour lessons. And if that wasnt enough, he got me a 32 inch LED monitor of my pc! Yes, he had been saving for a while! Omg, how on earth can I even come close to do something anywhere near this for his b-day?? *sigh*

The driving was fab. After I had had lunch with Kerrie, I came home and had nearly a heart attack. The huge cooker flirting with me from the kitchen, the gorgeous and so comfy sofa and the huge monitor! Wow. I hardly had any time to enjoy it before I had to go and have my first instucted driving lesson. I drove for two hours, down the A3, around to Chichister (not that this probably makes any sence to you) But he took me on all kinds of roads. Dual carrigeway, one way system, small backroads ect. He said I was pretty good actually, a confident little driver. My only thing I have to work on is planning ahead and thinking about my gearing. Next time, which is Wednesday after half term he is already going to start to teach me maneuvers and reversing around corners!! I’m actually quite proud of my self. I had no idea how good or bad I was. I have had alot of driving experience but that could still mean that I’m a hazzard to those around me, but appearently I’m not *beams proudly* He said he was perfectly comfortable riding with me. Yay! Now I feel that I’m not afraid to drive anywhere. Ok, I’m probably not ready for, lets say, Guildford yet (busy busy town)

When I came home from driving I just had to walk out the door, again. List took me to a lovely pub and we had a really nice meal. We even had starters! I was very surprised when I got a cake with lit candles on after we had finished our meal. It was all really nice, I got really spoiled.

I still have to get used to my huge screen. I love it tho, so much. I’ve always been alot of youtube and now I have my vids playing up on my huge screen! Its also magnificent for gaming! *laughs* Try playing Assassins Creed on a 32 inch screen!

I promise I’ll post pictures of everything soon. Like later today! ❤



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