Happy 6 months Jacob!

Happy 6 months my little Snakie Jake!

I cant believe how quick it has gone!

Today I thought I would share some recent pictures and some of the nicknames I use for Jacob!

Jake, Jakie, Jakie-snake, Snakie-Jake, little precious, precious mite, bitie-mite, tiny-mite, my little puppy, little cub, jakie-loo (I even make that one into a song!) Jakepops, Jake-lomp (originated from lump)

Taken at the pub, he was a happy little mite that night – sucking his tumb!

Little mischief!

Mum, you’re not actually that clever. It just so happens I can see you too!

Doggie! Cuddles!

Crazy yogurt face!

Watching the fishies at nanny and grandad’s!

Chilling in the highchair at the pub! (He thought that the red ball tastes very nice!)

Num! Eating our new toy.

New outfit! (that dad picked) Baby Sylvester

Unwrapping a present from my bff Marthe!

Sleeping at Alfie’s, such a hard life hanging out with mate’s lol

Eating Jenna’s toy. Anthing that has had girl on it tastes nice!

Hanging out on mum’s legs! (where his elbow is, is my knee. He is quite the long fell’a!)

Mmm again red tastes best!

Jake loves this little instrument!

Taken 5 minutes ago, sleeping on our new sofa! ā¤


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