I told you I had become a redhead, right? Well the idea was actually copper. I wanted the brown/copperish colour that I got trying to bleach my hair.

I saw a beautiful colour when we were in ASDA, Garnier Nutrisee Ultra Color 7.64 Intense copper.

Pretty huh? (impossible to find a pic of online btw.)

But that colour isnt quite what I got. Its taken me some time to get used to the red I got now, I have grown to like it very much. But the whole point of getting the copper was to tone down the hair a bit. Lets just say I’m easily spotted in the crowd now *laughs*

The gold flower was part of a b-day pressie.

Since it is friday, I decided to try the Remington curling iron my mother-in-law said she didnt get on with. I think it brilliant, it gets so incredibly hot that 30 sec for my hair is enough. And yes, the hair is two different tones. Super bright at the top where I had the blonde. Imagine if I had been a full blonde?!

How my hair is usually worn. Long hair is a huge effort, especially with kids! *laughs*

However, even if it is super vibrant, I’ve gotten alot of compliments. Not just from the people who knew how it used to look, but complete strangers. “Wow, that is such a pretty colour” or “Oh what colour is that, I’m so jealous! Been trying to get that one for ages” (and no, they dont sound sarcastic, haha)

I mean, you expect friends to either tell you it looks nice or not say anything at all. But if a stranger comes up and compliments you on something, they mean it. Or atleast I do when I do that. If there is something I think is really cool, I say so. Not trying to big myself up here, but I was really not sure if I liked the red colour so intense, but I spose the compliments has made it grow on me, and now I really like it : ) I still think that the proper copper had been pretty too tho.


11 responses to “Redhead!

  1. Your hair looks great! I love the accidental bright orange to red! What sort of colour was it before? I’m trying to work out if I’ll need to bleach mine to get a good enough orange haha 🙂

    • Thank you! I do love it now : ) I had a very dark brown (natural hair is a lighter brown). I think the last one I put in was Red Black.. Didnt look either red or black really, haha! I would advise you to bleach it, the lighter it is, the brighter the colour!

  2. Hi! I colored my hair as well, but I don’t really like it 😦 I was wondering how long it took to wash out… It did wash out, right?

    • Aww shame you dont like it! I can understand its not for everyone. Unfortunately it doesnt wash out.. It fades a little over time, but now, over a year later – the red still shines through. Its only my lowlight, who were dyed black, that have kept the dark colour. Hope you get to sort yours out! x

  3. Hi, does the color fade and turn more like the package after coloring? Used the same, but I look more like the little mermaid 😦

    • Hello! Yeah, it does fade a a bit, but it never goes the lovely copper colour like it is on the box.. I did love the vibrant colour, but was a bit disappointed that it didn’t get the copper shine to it. Sorry :/

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