Project Herman!

I’ve always thought chain letters, emails, texts and even facebook-chains are really tacky and was something that should have died in the 90’s

But today I got a Herman, which is a Friendship Cake! Weird huh, I have never heard of this before. Its basicly a chain cake, works the same way as a chain mail. My Herman was given to me by my mother-in-law, who was given hers by a work colleague, who was given hers by another work colleague (who appearently got the idea from an American friend – does not surprise me that its an American thing, no offence meant)

How it works:

You get given a little batch of sourdough and over a period of 10 days you have to stir it and feed it. In the end of the 10 days you divide your dough into 4 portions (250 ml each) and give away to friends! You give three away, and keep the fourth one. And from the fourth one, you make a delicious cake!

I know its tasty, cause I’ve tasted it. We were at Listers parents today (like every sunday) and she had made her Herman today. Its a really nice and moist cake, I’m looking forward to make it in 10 days 🙂

With your Herman, you also get an instruction:

Got my Herman

Put my tiny Herman into a large bowl

Put a tea towel over my Herman.

I think this is a really fun thing to do! I hope that I dont kill him, or that something dont kill him (Lewis). I’ve put him a safe place so hopefully all little fingers are out of range. I’ve got a few people in mind to give my baby Herman’s too *smiles* I’ll make an update on how Herman is doing every day!


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