When life gives you grapes..

Garh! Tuesday was such a shit day really. Or atleast the morning was. I had a guy from Comet come around to install my new cooker that I got for my b-day, only for him to tell me that it cant be installed! And I’ve been waiting since the 8th for them to come do this. The reason it cant be installed is because the council did such a shitty job with rewiring the gas pipe in the kitchen. The old gas line went under the floor, but when they came to check it last year they found that we had had a gas leak for god knows how long, so it had to be rewired, re-lined or whatever you would call it. And rather than taking the floor up and doing it properly, he just put it along the roof in the hallway and all the way into the kitchen. Nice huh. Large copper pipes going everywhere. What annoyies me the most about Comet, is that the guy charged us £70 to come around to say that he cant fit the cooker!! You are kidding me, right?! Then he said we might be able to get a refund if we get someone else to fit it. But you see, with all new cookers these days, they have to be professionally fitted and you need a certificate saying that it has been fitted by a professional (or else List would have done it. Its not exactly hard) And no one (besides the council) is going to come and fit it for free. So then we’re back to square one, in the mercy of the council again.. *sigh*

Then yesterday the council sent around a man (who we thought were going to inspect the kitchen) but when he got here he didnt understand why they had sent him, so he was here for literally five minutes and left again. The only good thing about him coming around is that now they have seen how shit the kitchen is and that we have no cooker. We’re getting by on the microwave and a grill-type-thing. He said when he got back to the office he would try and hurry things along. He also said whenever they actually do come their kitchen company will send a kitchen designer around. Yay! So I get to say how I’d like it. Not that I think that I get to pick the most expencive and whatever I’d like, but I get a say in what colours goes here and there, probably what type of handles we get and so on. I really hope they come soon, I’m so sick of not being able to cook properly.

The menu these days is mainly chicken fajitas, chicken breasts and instant mash, chicken breast/hamburger baguette, a new version of chicken fajitas, sausages and instand mash, ready made pies that goes in the microwave, more baguettes, more fajitas. And now Lister is getting sick of all the fresh vegetables and salads I make. However I refuse to have frozen, microwaved sweetcorn and beans.

AND!! I might have to terminate project Herman! : ( I was so looking forward to doing that, but I wont have an oven to cook him in. I have no faith that in 6 days the kitchen will be finished. They usually take two-three days ripping an old kitchen up and putting a new one in.

On the more pleasent side, we got our new bed coming today. That will be nice. We took the old bed apart last night so we slep on the top mattress on the floor. Wasnt too bad really, its was still comfy. I also went through the 6-9 months box of clothes for jacob and found a really nice jacket for him. Hes been using the cheap (crap, really) ones, but this a Snoopy, proper winter jacket and it even has build in mittens! Goodbye losing anymore mittens! I’ll take some piccies at some point and share som of his new clothes.  Most of it is too big still, but like jumpers he can wear now.

I’m sorry that this post has been all text and no pictures, so I thought I’d share with you Jake’s outfit yesterday

Trying to eat our sining book! Nom!


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