Artist dedication!

This post is mainly another “dedication” to an artist who I think is so very good. She is norwegian and as far as I know not very famous, however shes getting there pretty fast. She draws most amazingly, I think some of her stories are magnificent and some so very heartbreaking. She also makes such cool fur suits, they can be found at

I thought I would post some of what I think is her most amazing artwork (all taken from Her name is Astrid Hansen aka OnJedone!

This story is really sad and heartbreaking, literally. I think one of the best things about Astrid’s work is that no matter what language you speak, you can still understand the stories : )

This story always makes me smile! And I think the girls cat is incredibly cute!

Astrid also has such good humor, and some of her stories are so funny! *laughs*

So sad, but beautiful!

I love all of these magical stories!

Astrid doesnt just do stories, but also alot of “stand alone” artwork. So much of her work inspire me to draw and write and several of these next pictures has been my screensavers/backgrounds ect. several times! Love love love it!

This one is my absolute favourite shared with the picture below.

I think the hair on her (I think this is HipKaido, her heronie) is so well done and also the eyes, ice blue!

So magical!

I have not at all put up all her works, this is just a handfull of them. If you want to see more of Astrid’s work go to OR her blog (which I actually just discovered today) – altho all the writing on this website is norwegian.

Keep up the awesome work Astrid! ❤


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