Wissely’s Wings

Wissely stood by the shore gazing at the huge white wings that seemed to be attached to her back. She just couldnt believe it. Wissely kept twisting her body looking at how every part of her had changed. It was still her, she could see that, but she was..more. Wis knew she had never been a beauty, she had been an ordinary girl, with brains. Just like she liked it. But this.. She lost her train of thought again and stood there gawking at herself. She reached out to touch her birdlike wings, they felt just like the feathers of a bird. Her white feathers was of course much much bigger and firmer. The feathers at the tip of her wings was double the length of her arm. They felt soft and hard at the same time. Wis tested the muscles in her back that she had never had before and flapped her wings. It hurt, but not unbearable. Her wings were huge, twice as wide as her and at least twice as long as her too. Wissely turned so she could see the reflection of her back in the still water. The tattoo like mark she had been born on her back with was now gone. It saddened her a bit, it had always been apart of her and made her unique. Angel Marked they said. With a smile she thought if the sacrifice of her tattoo was these amazing wings, it was worth it. 

“GorgeousSaid a voice from behind and Wissely spun around on the spot, suddenly frightended for what people would do if they knew she had wings. “Easy” Krown said holding his hands up. The expression on his face showed that he meant no harm, and Wissely exhaled. She just realised she had been holding her breath. Krown smiled at her. Wis smiled back. “They are so beautiful, when did you acquire them?” He asked. Wissely blushed thinking of exactly when they had sprung out of her back and wondered if that was why they had come to her then. “Last night” she said after a few seconds and Krown smiled at her again, this time with humour in his face. “How Wis?” She looked to the ground, then back to Krown. His pretty green eyes were sparking with amusement. She thought that it was really none of his business, but she said “Call it magic”, then she turned her back on him and went back to looking at herself in the waters reflection. “Right” he said and she heard the sarcasm in his voice. He came up beside her and watched her reflection in the water with her. “I like what you did to your hair” Wissely smiled. She hadnt done anything to her hair. All her life her blonde lifeless hair had just hung there around her shoulders. Now, from root to end her hair had waves and it was as if it had grown inches over night, because now her hair reached down to her hips. Rather than just being blonde, it was shining blonde, like the sun was caught in it. Her skin was that flawless perfection you only get from photo shopping and that too seemed to glow. “Thanks, but I didnt do this” She signalled to her body with her hands. “It just happened” Krown turned his head and looked at her. She could read in his eyes that he found her attractive now. His eyes had changed, he had always been nice and her friend when everyone else had not, but now his eyes had a hunger to them. Wissely turned away from him. “Its still me, Krown.” She draped her wings around her body so that they were hugging her and the only thing you could see was her legs. “I know that” he tried to sound normal. “I am still an earthling” Wissely said, with an edge to her voice. He didnt understand. She looked at him from between the feathers of her wings, but Krown just smiled at her and shook his head. “Dont you understand? You’re not an earthling any more. No earthling has wings. You belong here now.” He moved his arms as to gesture to the world around them. She turned to face him with a stubborn look to her. “I know, I’ve always belonged here. As soon as I stepped inside the gates of the Kingdom I’ve been changing. Becoming more. But that doesnt change the fact that I was born an earthling. And that is what people seem to have a problem with.” Krown looked to the ground for only a second, he knew she spoke the truth. He came close to her, she could smell the deep musky smell of him. She looked up into his face and his eyes burned. For months she had wished that he would look at her this way, but not anymore. As Krown made a move to kiss her, she put her fist gently, but determined at his firm stomach. “Don’t Krown” She refrained from looking at him. Seconds went by then Krown spoke “Dont you want this?” With a gentle voice, almost a whisper in her ear, he had his arms on her and Wissely could feel the magic moving back and forth between them. She did. She wanted him, but she knew Krown didnt want her for her. He wanted her for how she now looked. “No” Wisslely said with a firm voice and looked into his eyes. If her rejection hurt him he didnt show it. His eyes remained blank for a second, then he smiled down at her. “Guess I was wrong then” He smirked and ruffled his hair with his right hand like he did when he was uncomfortable. He opened his mouth to say something but stopped dead. Literally.

Wissely didnt understand what happened. Krown stood there for almost five second with his mouth open looking at her. Then blood gushed from his mouth. “KROWN! What is happening? Wissly shook him, panicking. Then Krown just dropped to his knees and rolled onto his back, with no life in him. Wissely screamed his name and only after he fell to the ground she became aware of the group of people that had been watching them less than 200 yards away. She stood there with her mouth open unable to react or do anything. She couldnt believe he was dead, just like that. She knew he was dead, she felt no life force coming from him any more. Before her grief overtook her, the group of people closed in on her, she recognized several of them from some of her classes at school. “Easy Wis, we dont want to kill you” The tall blonde handsome boy at the head of the group of people held up his hands. Some of the people behind him shuffled them selfs around and thats when she noticed the ropes. Wissely felt her body fill with the force they call magic and she felt suddenly strong, confident. “Dont tell me the ropes are for Krown.” She smirked, although nothing was funny. The blond beauty smiled at her “Yeah ok, you caugh us. But we dont want to kill you Wis. We just want your wings.” Now she laughed, for that was funny. “You can try” She moved into a karate pose she remembered from when she she was six and had done Karate. Not that she remembered any Karate, but anything was better than just standing there waiting for them to actually try and take her wings. The blond beauty smiled again and waved his hand. A short, very tan girl with black hair moved up to his right his side. The girl raised her arms to shoulder hight and formed a circle with her hands. Before Wissely realised it was a trap, she was trapped. She could not move, not matter how much she tried. She was like frozen to the ground and the panic started to creep up on her again. She closed her eyes, trying to channel the power through her chacra’s like she had been taught. Before she even felt the power deep within, she heard a “whoosh” right beside her and felt a massive air pressure. Suddenly she found herself airborne and opened her eyes. The world was spinning around in circles and there was a throbbing in her chest where something had impacted hard. Then with another painful impact, the encounter with the water surface, she was underwater. Totally disorientated and still in shock she accidentally drew in a breath air, which filled her lungs with water. Wissely started to cough and took more water into her lungs. She couldnt think, she couldnt swim, all she felt was the pain of the salty water in her lungs and throat. The panic clutched her and Wissely was sure this was the end of her. She sent a though to Krown and felt responsible for his death and then it all went black…

..She was sure she was airborne again, but her throat was still on fire so she thought it was death playing games with her. Then suddenly she hear voices, raised voices who talking quickly and angrily. She was confused. She was sure death wasnt like this and after another few seconds Wissely opened her eyes. She was indeed airborne and she tensed, afraid. “She’s awake” Said a female voice. And suddely Wissely noticed several pairs of wings around her. She was frightended and tried to move to see better. “Stop it!” The voice was fierce “Unless you want to fall!” Wissely kept still, even if she was in enemy hands she did not want to fall and tumble to the ground from this height. Her wings didnt have the muscle to carry her weight yet so she kept still. After a while she felt drowsy and the pain in her throat seemed to stop hurting so much, wonder why…

Copyright © 2012 Malin Brough


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