Jacob and me

I know, I know! I havent updated the blog for a few days. Sorry.

Main reason is that Lister has had the PC cable for the phone, which I take all my pictures with, and unplugging it from his PC to my PC was too much effort. *laughs*

Erm..let see, what is new?

Jake weighs 17lb 9oz (7.9 kg) – I got a big babba now!

I’m having an implant. Not plasic surgery tho ; )

I’ve decided after almost 7 months of taking the contraception pill  and still not managed to get into a routine for taking it. If it werent for the alarm on my phone, I’d remember it probably twice a week. So when my phone is dead, and I forget, I get super stressed out and have to fend off attacks against my uterus for the next 7 days lol. So I’m getting the Nexplanon contraception implant, fitted on tuesday 13th. Not really looking forward, seeing as the implant is as about as big as a hairneedle and is going in my arm. Good thing is that I’m getting local anesthetic when having it fitted.

This is the devise that will insert the implant in my arm.

Jacob has had his first proper bath in the big bath! He thought it was so fun and was really slashing around. He also played with Lewis’s bath ducks, which squirt water throught their mouths. He was laughing and giggling so hard when I squirted water on his tummy.

I’m hoping to get more, equally cute bath pictures of Jake ❤


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