There’s a first time for everything.

Today I had my contraception implant fitted at the doctors. I had said yes to being the guineapig for my GP (doctor) – she was under training and would have a supervisor present. I thought she might have some experience with fitting the implants, but I dont think she did. However, she did well. The only issue was that the anesthetic didnt work. She injected the anesthetic into the correct area of my arm and gave it a few minutes to work. Then she poked my skin with the needle she’d used to inject the anesthetic, I didnt feel any pain, just the pressure of the needle – which was normal. She then started putting the implant in, which is about the size of a hair pin. I only felt the pressure of the applicator needle until she was about a quarter into my arm. Then I suddenly felt a sharp pain and burning. They said they could inject more anesthetic in, but I just told them to carry on. I quite frankly couldnt be assed for them to sit there with the applicator in my arm, waiting for more anesthetic that wouldnt work.

All in all it wasnt that bad. It was painful, yes, but compared to birth – not very much. So I guess now I got three years to play before I can either have another baby, or put a new implant in. Alot of people have told me they have had it removed before the time was up, some because it made them crazy (in my case im already crazy, so no worries there) or the implant have made them “been on” all the time. Translated into english – constantly bleeding. But my GP said I would have to expect some irregular bleeding for some time, so I’ll take things as it comes. I’m going make up my own opinion of the product, before I let other peoples experience get to my head.

Ta! My horrible war wound! *sarcastic* The implant is from the dark patch in the plaster to the end of the red bit on my arm. Its tender now, but its really weird how I can feel the implant under my skin. I reckon I’ll have a nice bruise over the next few days. They put a bandage on it, which I was supposed to keep on for 24 hours – it fell off after about 3. I’m supposed to keep the dressing on for three days.

Today I also took Jacob swinging for the first time! He absolutely loved it! Lewis was happy too, kept running around like a mad man in the playpark!

It was so fun our tongue was hanging out!

When he decided to start eating the swing, I thought it was time for him to get off it.

How old was your baby when you first took him/her swinging?


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