7 months!

Wow! Time flies! My little snake (Jake, obviously) is 7 whole months today! Unbelievable really. I love every little change and development with him, but I’m going to have to realise that he’s not my little baby anymore. At the baby group today, there were some really newborn babies and they were SO small! I remember when the carseat was almost to big for Jacob, and now he’s almost to big for it. I am really going to have to start properly talking norwegian to Jacob. I do speak to him in both english, norwegian and swedish (swedish mostly because I find it a very beautiful language and my mother is swedish) but I always say all of these silly things rather that talking properly to him. Obviously I’m not going to sit there and try to have a conversation with him, but I think in order to fully understand the language I need to think about what I say. Once he’s able to understand sertain words I’ll only be speaking norwegian to him no matter where we are or what we’re doing. One thing I do tho, is sing to him in norwegian. I sing all the children song’s and nursery rhymes that I remember as a child. Jake has this musical book who does all the english ones for him so thats already covered. Jacob always gives me this huge smile when I sing for him (honestly I think hes the only person who actually likes my singing *laughs*

This is probably the song I sing the most for him. Minus the instruments ofc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPBEqpggN3Y (I had to look up all the verse for this song, cause they dont teach you this as a kid. And now I know them all by heart! *proud*)

I also sing this one for him. Its about all the types of bird that comes back from the south after the winter http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7Bn7VDOGt0&feature=related

I suppose I better start singing the national anthem for him soon, would be a shame for him to grow up without knowing that. Only problem with it is that’s a very slow quite deepvoiced song. I was never really found of it as a kid.

Taken at the baby club today! Jake and Alfie was playing with all sorts of funny looking fabric and loved it!

“You’re not taking a picture, are you mum?”

Yesterday I looked after Alfie for Kerrie, who had to work. Jacob and Alfie had a great time together. They were eating, playing and even sleeping side by side! My little munchkins! ♥


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