New changing bag!

Mama is a very happy bunny!

Daddy spoiled mummy to a new changing bag so mummy is really glad she got something really cool for our wedding anniversary, which is in a week!

I really love my new changing bag! Silly to get so excited about a changing bag, but I love it!! Its almost like having a new handbag.

He didnt buy me a new changing bag because I’m spoiled (well a little bit) but we actually needed a new one. The old one (which was a freebie to begin with) is 1. getting smaller and smaller (propably because I keep putting more and more crap in it) and 2. the zipper is going to split any minute (probably becasue of all the crap)

Also, the other day we decided to go shopping and ended up in a different foodshop than our usual one, which was further away. Our local Tesco is just right up the road, while ASDA is about 40 min away. So we got there I realised that I hadnt brought the changing bag with us, I never do when we just go up the road. It was really annoying, because Jake could have done with some of his bits in the bag.

So to avoid that happening again I’m going to use the old changing bag to have a spare one in the car, just in case I forget it once or something similar. I could have just used a plasic bag, but seeing as I wanted to stop filling the old one up till the point that it actually broke the zipper, I’m going to have that one in the car. With spare dummy’s, clothing, nappies – you name it.

For a second I was wondering what if I had got what I ordered *laughs* Changing bags are usually wide and tall, not flat

But it was just my flatpacked bag : )

Old changing bag vs. new bag! The new bag is so much more bigger than the old one. By quite alot even if it doesnt show very well in the picture.

I put everything from the old bag into the new one and there was plenty of room to spare. With this one, if its to full to zipp up, I can just flap the lid over it. *me clever*

It has a really great plasic base, so that if I should happen to put it in something wet, it wont soak through!

Its got 6 pockets in total. One inside

One at the back

Two at the front and one on each side (bottle pockets)

The changing mat! Its tiny, but you dont really need it any bigger. Its really only for the babies butt to lay on. It matches the chaning bag and folds so flat it can be put on one of the pockets.

However, my favourite thing about this changing bag is probably its price.. We payed £9.99 + 0.99p postage! I am well happy with this purchase! We got it off ebay, they had this peticular bag in two colours. Brown with blue or brow with pink, so it was pretty given that the blue one was the choice!

Here is the link if you’d like to have a look at it:


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