Nails IIII

I really want to grow my nails long! I’m always growing my nails, but to really get them long I need to put so much effort in it.But now, I’m really determined to grow them nice and long!

I’ve always wanted to do creative designs with nails, but I’ve missed the right tools to do so. The other day Ebay hit me and I found some really cheap, but really decent tools! I got them on monday and I’ve been playing around with them. It’s really so much fun! I wish I had more than 20 nails to paint *giggles*

Pack of 5 dotting tools (with two different sizes in each end) 99p, no postage on Ebay : )

Large pack of different brushes + two really small dotting pencils. (couldnt be assed to have them all facing the camera, since the desk is on a tilt and they all insisted of rolling) £1.40 no postage, ebay.

I had a really fancy design in mind, but it was a bit harder to do the first time around than I had thought. Besides I was really impatient *laughs*

Paint one layer of red (Rimmel 60 seconds 320 Rapid Ruby)

Stick on some dividers, in my case some 79p labels from Wilko’s

Paint with one coat of 17 Moon Stuck Fast finish. Wait until fully dry and peel of GENTLY! And only do ONE hand at a time.

Dont clean the edges up until you’re totally done.

Paint (a very squiggely line, in my case) of black, any black (like I said, the design didnt turn out as fancy as I wanted it)

Use same gray nail polish and start dotting!

Used this size. Here compared to a Q-tip/cottonbud

Not an awesome design, using the dotting tool is going to take some practise. It looks easy, but its quite some precision work

*giggles* even did my toes. Not very well done tho, haha.

I’ll be doing alot more of these designs, I want to try out so many ideas! Especially with some of the brushes as well. I know if you’re really good you can make flowers and all sorts. *rubs hands evily* This is going to be fun… Muahaha!

(click on images for full size)


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