A long expected visit!

I had a great time last week! One of my best friends came to see me! Its been a year since I saw her last, we’ve both been really busy. Silje, also refered to as Silge spent most if her last year in China! I was really looking forward to her visit. She came late thursday night and left late saturday evening.

It was really great seeing her again! We got to catch up on all the girl talk and what’s been happening with us lately. She got to know Jacob (and apparently loved him). On Friday we had a little “girls night” with some nice drinks and loads of munchies! It was really nice. We also made some delicious vegetarian meals, seeing as Silge is a full time vegeterian!

She also brought all of us some presents! I got a book, Haruki Murakami – After Dark (Which I actually really want to read!) Lewis got a really awesome watch from china and a Roald Dalh book. Lister a t-shirt that says “I love Bejing” but instead of it actually saying “Bejing” it says BJ. *laughs* They shorten New York to NY so of course Bejing got shortened to BJ! That gave us all a really good laugh!

Jacob got this amazing chinese costume, unfortunatly its size 2 years so he wont be wearing it for a while

We absolutely love it! It is sooo cute!

We also got some norwegian chocolate! Which is btw, THE best chocolate in the world. I said that the boys could share the top one and I’ll have the bottom one to myself. I love Freia’s Walters Mandler (Almonds) Its sweet and salty yumminess!

Jacob also got this really awesome kids book. Its in Norwegain and has on each page a flap to open up. I’ve really been thinking of getting more toys that can aid Jacob on his way to learning norwegian so I thought that book was really great and he loves it too. Loves eating it of course.

On saturday we had to pop over to Alton, Lewis was due his eye test, and on the way over there I suddenly remembered that the Jane Austen house is in Chawton. Silge is a huge Austen fan so I suggested we go see it. I’ve been to see it myself, but not taken the tour around the inside of her house. They charge £7.50 pr. adult and last time I was there it hadn’t opened the season yet.

We didnt do the tour this time either. One, because I didnt have £7.50 for the tour and two, when we got there a tour had just started and we would have had to wait for almost two hours for the next one. But! We did look at everything else it had to offer.!


This part of the estate is so funny! Its not a single straight line on that house! I find buildings like that truly charming!

This is probably my favourite picture!

The garden is very pretty. I can only imagine what this looks like in the summer!

We also went into the gift shop! They have alot of interesting books I’d love to read. Not to mention some nifty items.

Anyone a fan of Mr. Darcy? *pants*

I found this one funny!

When we finished our tour (they boys had stayed in the car) we walked the Jane Austen trail around the estate. Lister had found this when he had taken the boys to the little playpark by the car park. So we decided we might as walk the trail and see what it had to offer.

Lewis leading on

Jake was with us too! Lesser impressed I think. *laughs*

Very pretty nature.

Lewis found his new home

Someone got tired of all the fresh air.

It was a really nice tour and visit to Jane Austen house, but it had been nice if we could have gone inside too. We decided we were going to do that at a later point. When I moved to England I had no idea that I moved about 20 minutes from one of mine and my friends favourite author’s house! And me whos been saying its nothing interesting to see around here. How wrong was I?

It was awesome seeing you again Sil hun! I wish you could have stayed longer and that you’ll come back soon! I promise we’ll come see you soon to0! ♥


2 responses to “A long expected visit!

  1. Mr Darcy!!!!! Takk for visitten, den var flott! Så koselig å se deg igjen. Flotte bilder, jeg stjeler noen av meg, hehe. Sees igjen snart Malin chan!

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