Nails V

I’ve again tried to make a decent nail design and I think this one is propbably the best one so far.

Nail polishes used:

Collection 2000 2 in 1 Base coat and ridge filler with keratin (half the text has rubbed off lol) Used this one because my nails are really weak and keeps peeling and this nail vanish keeps it in check. It has a slight pink tint to it, a bit like the pink for the french manicure style.

17 Fast finish – moonstruck (the phone had serious focusing issues today sorry, but you’ve seen it before x)

A no brand Wilko’s polish, it has a bit of a blue-ish tint with pearl essence. For a cheap no brand its quite good, but you have to paint several layers to get the proper colour.

1 layer of basecoat, then do 2-3 layers of your tips, then use your dotting tool to make the gray/silver dots around the edge of your “french” manicure. I think this looks like a fancier french manicure. NOT the hand work, but the colour. I know that my precision need more training to be “perfect”. But thats why I’m practising : )

And you know me, I cant leave anything alone, ever. *laughs* I really can never leave a “finished” design alone. I added two silver hearts to each thumb (which for once turned out ok). I skipped the super glue (suited for nails of course) this time, apparently clear nail polish is better. I’ve not made up my mind yet on that matter. It takes forever for it to dry, lol

Overall I’m pretty happy with this design. But it wont last, lol. My nails peel like a sunburned blonde so in a few day’s I’ll probably try out new design.

I’ve ordered some nail art fimo that I’m super exited to try out!! If you dont know what Fimo is, well stick around then!


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